Welcome to the first official update for week 1 of our newest Genesis Blend family’s full spectrum journey! While we normally advise customers that it can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to truly see the benefits of our full spectrum supplement, our Genesis Blend bunch has already noticed a few changes!

In this family’s first week of incorporating our Genesis Blend Original Strength CBD into their routine, Mom started her kids out on 1/2 ml twice a day, working up to a dropper-full of our proprietary blend CBD (twice a day) by Thursday of that same week. With the exception of her pickiest eater, Silas, all of her children enjoy the taste of our popular Bubblegum flavor, offered in various sizes of our Genesis Blend Original Strength.

Getting her youngest son to take any sort of liquid medication is a struggle, but our Bluegrass Hemp Oil experts have advised Mom that it’s safe to mix his serving in with some of his favorite foods–peanut butter, in this case, being Silas’ most beloved treat. Healthy fats, like peanut butter, can actually help with absorption of the CBD in the body, and we recommend this trick to any and all peanut butter lovers when your CBD oil needs a little something extra.

It’s likely that first-time CBD users won’t see much of a difference until after their second or third week of routinely consuming their full spectrum CBD supplement. That being said, while there weren’t any serious changes among her tribe, Mom did notice some lessened anxiety in her oldest son, David. And, according to her teachers, Eloise (our spunky 6-year-old) has been very engaged at school, enough for them to send positive feedback home to Mom. For our supermom, she has noticed a huge difference in her sleep quality, also noting that she wasn’t waking up with a migraine every morning–a stressor that she has grown accustomed to.

For the trusty family pet, Buddy, Mom reports that our critically-acclaimed Unruffled Dog Bites have helped with his mobility immensely. A picky eater himself,  he normally doesn’t take to treats very well–but these CBD snacks are an exception!

Because we make our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract with our own family in mind, we love to hear stories of our product’s success within other families! And despite the fact that this full spectrum family has seen changes after just one week, we want to remind all of our customers that not everyone is so lucky to see such rapid results. Remember: consistency is key and stay positive!

We hope that you, dear reader, are enjoying these updates as much as we are, and we look forward to sharing this full spectrum family’s journey with you, again, next week! If you’re interested in joining this full spectrum family on their CBD adventure, or have questions regarding the possibility of your own CBD experience, shop our online store–or come see us in-person at either our Midway or Lexington locations! It’s never too late to start feeling good about yourself, and Bluegrass Hemp Oil is here to help.