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At Kentucky Cannabis Company, we love to meet new faces. Come relax on our front porch or join a scheduled tour and learn from the company that brought CBD to Kentucky. Here in Midway, you can get an up-close look at how we produce our extracts and even learn about our efforts to continue to bring quality cannabis to the Commonwealth.

Kentucky Cannabis Company, Midway, KY


Our hydrocarbon extraction system captures an extremely safe, pharmaceutical grade oleoresin – gently extracting cannabinoids and terpenes, while at the same time eliminating non-essential elements. The result is a higher purity extract and the only product that truly resembles the plant from which it came.

Genesis Blend products

Bluegrass Hemp Oil

KY’s first full spectrum, CBD extract

Genesis Blend products


Our small batch, wholesale exclusive

advocacy efforts

We are the most viable advocate for community members and leaders to partner with in advancing regional understanding, adoption, and availability of high quality CBD products.


Family owned. American grown.

Long-time Kentuckians by choice – Bill Polyniak and Dave Hendrick – brought together by a mutual friend, love of frisbee golf, and unparalleled green thumbs are committed to growing quality hemp! This love and dedication for producing the best CBD on the market is what makes Kentucky Cannabis Company thrive.

Bill Polyniak
Dave Hendrick

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