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Discover the Pioneering Kentucky Cannabis Company: Your Trusted Source for Quality CBD Products

In the heart of Kentucky lies a pioneering cannabis company, the Kentucky Cannabis Company. Established in 2014, this esteemed establishment took the initiative to cultivate and manufacture some of the safest, purest, and highest quality CBD oil Kentucky has ever seen. They stand as Kentucky’s pioneers in vertical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, seamlessly integrating wholesale and direct-to-consumer sales. As one of the first CBD oil manufacturers in the USA, the Kentucky Cannabis Company invested its resources in the meticulous science, genetics, and horticulture of cannabis sativa to derive the optimum blend for their CBD oil.

Kentucky Cannabis Company: Leading the Path in CBD Innovation

The Kentucky Cannabis Company prides itself on producing full-spectrum medical-grade cannabis oleoresins. These are abundant in minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which are known for their significant benefits to the human physiology. The integrity of their products is upheld through rigorous independent testing, ensuring they are devoid of pollutants, pesticides, solvents, fungi, or bacteria. Discover their meticulous process here.

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Achieving Excellence in CBD Oil Production

Embarked on a mission to provide top-tier CBD oil, the Kentucky Cannabis Company has become a quintessential manufacturer and distributor of BHO CBD oil in Kentucky. Their expansive range of CBD products cater to retail outlets, ensuring accessibility to quality CBD products across different locales.

Trailblazing the CBD Industry in Kentucky

Being the trailblazer to introduce CBD oil to Kentucky, the Kentucky Cannabis Company has continuously set the industry standard. Their efforts have fostered growth within the hemp industry, assisting numerous companies in establishing a foothold. The trust they have garnered from customers across the state is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality. Learn more about their journey.

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Real Full Spectrum: The Kentucky Cannabis Signature

Kentucky Cannabis Company’s CBD products epitomize the true essence of full spectrum. They shun the use of isolated or synthetic cannabinoids, embracing the natural richness of the cannabis sativa hemp plant. This includes trace amounts of THC, alongside other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, all contributing to the robust benefits of their CBD products. Explore the essence of real full spectrum here.

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Kentucky Cannabis Company: A Family’s Vision

The inception of the Kentucky Cannabis Company was spurred by a family’s need for quality CBD oil, particularly when their son Colten was diagnosed with epilepsy. Navigating through a market saturated with lesser quality CBD products prompted them to set a new standard in 2014. Delve into their inspiring family story.

Making a Difference: Quality CBD Products for All

With a plethora of brands on the market, choosing a trustworthy CBD provider can be daunting. Kentucky Cannabis Company stands as a beacon of trust and quality in the Kentucky Hemp industry, delivering the best Kentucky CBD oil products. Their offerings extend from hemp CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD for Dogs, to CBD topicals, all with a focus on unmatched quality.


Our hydrocarbon extraction system captures an extremely safe, pharmaceutical-grade oleoresin – gently extracting cannabinoids and terpenes, while at the same time eliminating non-essential elements. The result is a higher purity extract and the only product that truly resembles the plant from which it came.

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Leading Dispensaries in Kentucky: Your Gateway to Quality Cannabis and CBD

Kentucky Cannabis Company: A Leader in the Cannabis Industry

Experience Premier Dispensaries in Kentucky

At Kentucky Cannabis Company, we’re proud to lead the way in offering high-quality cannabis in Kentucky. Our dispensaries are renowned for their extensive selection and knowledgeable staff. Whether you’re visiting a dispensary in Lexington, KY, or looking for CBD stores in Louisville, KY, we offer a premium selection of cannabis products.

Lexington Dispensary: A Top Choice for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Our Lexington dispensary stands out for its exceptional quality and variety, catering to both recreational users and medical cannabis patients. As a leading dispensary in Lexington, KY, we ensure every customer finds the right product for their needs.

Our Product Range: Catering to Every Cannabis Need

Diverse Selection of Cannabis Products

Our range of products includes:

Safety and Responsibility in Cannabis Use

We emphasize the importance of using cannabis responsibly, especially when it comes to operating a vehicle or if pregnancy or breastfeeding is involved. We advise all our customers to consult with a healthcare professional about potential interactions or complications related to cannabis use.

Innovation and Quality in Cannabis Production

State-of-the-Art Cultivation Facilities

Our commitment to quality extends to our cultivation facilities, where we employ advanced techniques and stringent standards to produce top-tier cannabis.

Educational Resources on Cannabis

For those seeking to learn more about cannabis, we offer a range of CBD videos and educational content to inspire and inform our community.

FAQs About Kentucky Cannabis Company and Cannabis Use

What Sets Kentucky Cannabis Company Apart in the Cannabis Market?

As a leader in the cannabis industry in Kentucky, we focus on premium CBD production and responsible operations. Our dispensaries offer an unparalleled experience in terms of quality and customer service.

Are Your Cannabis Products FDA Approved?

While the FDA does not approve cannabis to treat or cure specific ailments, our products adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality. All our cannabis products, including medical cannabis, are rigorously tested and verified.

Can I Consult a Professional About Potential Interactions with Cannabis?

We highly recommend consulting a healthcare professional about potential interactions with cannabis products, especially if you are taking other medications. Our staff is also available to provide guidance on safe and responsible cannabis use.

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Accessibility: Bridging Quality CBD to You

Kentucky Cannabis Company retails their distinguished Bluegrass Hemp Genesis Blend CBD products directly to consumers via their Bluegrass Hemp Oil website, two Bluegrass Hemp Oil retail locations, and through various health food stores, pharmacies, doctors, and fine retail locations. They have pioneered a pathway for many individuals to discover the unparalleled benefits of quality CBD oil, significantly enhancing their quality of life. Explore their retail locations.

The Verdict: Choose Real Hemp CBD

In a market flooded with synthetic cannabinoids retailed at gas stations and head shops, it’s imperative to choose real hemp CBD products from reputable companies like the Kentucky Cannabis Company, the first hemp CBD oil company in Kentucky. Their legacy since 2014 is a testament to their commitment to providing only the best CBD Oil. Stay informed with their blog.

The Kentucky Cannabis Company not only stands as a pioneer in the CBD industry but also as a symbol of trust and quality. Their journey and continuous endeavor to provide only the best CBD products make them a distinguished choice for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being with the pure essence of CBD.


The Heartbeat of Kentucky Cannabis Company: A Tale of Dedication and Green Thumbs

In the lush, fertile soils of Kentucky, where the green fields stretch as far as the eye can see, seeds of a visionary venture were sown. The Kentucky Cannabis Company, a beacon of quality and purity in the realm of CBD oil production, stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities when passion, expertise, and a love for the land converge. At the core of this esteemed establishment are its founders – Bill Polyniak and Dave Hendrick, long-time Kentuckians by choice, whose journey is as inspiring as the golden drops of CBD oil they meticulously craft.

A Serendipitous Beginning

Bound by the Bluegrass State’s charm and shared values, Bill and Dave’s camaraderie was kindled under Kentucky’s sunny skies. Introduced by a mutual friend, their love for frisbee golf soon morphed into Dave helping Bill grow hemp and manufacture full spectrum CBD oil as well as start – the Kentucky Cannabis Company.

More Than Just Business: A Commitment to Excellence

The narrative of Bill and Dave is not just a business chronicle; it’s a story of unwavering dedication to a cause – cultivating the finest hemp to extract CBD oil that stands second to none in quality. Their mantra is simple yet profound – American grown. Naturally crafted.. This isn’t merely a tagline, but the essence of Kentucky Cannabis Company’s ethos. Bill and Dave’s unparalleled green thumbs, honed over years of nurturing the fertile Kentucky soil, have been instrumental in setting new benchmarks in CBD oil quality in the industry.

Cultivating Quality: The Green Thumbs of Kentucky

The duo’s love for the soil and an inherent knack for nurturing plants have earned them the moniker of ‘The Green Thumbs of Kentucky.’ Their meticulous approach to hemp cultivation, right from selecting the choicest seeds to employing sustainable farming practices, underscores their commitment to excellence. Every cannabis plant grown under their watchful eyes is a testament to their knowledge, care, and the unyielding commitment to delivering the best CBD products to the market.

Crafting the Golden Elixir: The Journey to Premium CBD

Bill and Dave’s pursuit didn’t just halt at growing quality hemp; it extended to mastering the science and art of extracting the golden, full-spectrum CBD oil that Kentucky Cannabis Company is now synonymous with. Their dedication reflects in the painstaking process of extraction and purification to ensure that every drop of CBD oil embodies purity, potency, and the wholesome goodness of nature.

Beyond Commerce: A Bond with the Community

The story of Kentucky Cannabis Company isn’t just about its products; it’s about the bond it shares with the community. Bill and Dave’s venture has not only contributed to the economy but has played a pivotal role in educating the populace about the benefits of CBD, fostering a culture of well-being.


The saga of Bill Polyniak and Dave Hendrick reflects the quintessence of American enterprise, underscored by a love for the land, a commitment to community, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. Their journey illustrates that with a clear vision, unrelenting dedication, and a touch of green, one can indeed cultivate success and well-being, right here in the heart of Kentucky.

The narrative of Kentucky Cannabis Company is a stirring reminder of what’s achievable when heart, mind, and soil work in unison. Through their endeavor, Bill and Dave continue to enrich the legacy of Kentucky, offering a golden elixir of health, nurtured and crafted with love, diligence, and an indomitable spirit of enterprise.

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