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Visit us at 230 N. Gratz Street in Midway, KY.

Open 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday- Friday

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Experience the Heritage of Kentucky Cannabis Company in Midway, KY

Our Journey: From Hemp to CBD Excellence

Kentucky Cannabis Company: Pioneering CBD Oil in Kentucky

Our story began in 2014, driven by a personal need for high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil. Diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009, our son Colten’s struggle inspired us to seek alternatives to traditional epilepsy drugs. This quest led to the creation of the Kentucky Cannabis Company, the state’s first farm-to-market hemp company under the federal farm bill of 2014. Discover more about our journey.

Establishing Roots in Historic Midway, KY

In 2019, we consolidated our operations around Lexington, KY, and chose the historic town of Midway in Woodford County, Kentucky, as our new hub. Our manufacturing facility, housed in a century-old bourbon warehouse, symbolizes our commitment to blending tradition with innovation. Learn about the rich history of Midway, KY.

Discover Downtown Midway, Kentucky: A Hub of Tradition and Modernity

Visiting Our Bluegrass Hemp Oil Store in Downtown Midway

Nestled in downtown Midway, KY, our Bluegrass Hemp Oil store is a beacon for CBD enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Situated at the end of Main Street, near the iconic Midway water tower, our store is a testament to our dedication to quality and community. Explore the local Midway, KY shops and make sure to visit us for a unique CBD experience.

Visit the Bluegrass Hemp Oil Store in Lexington.

A Guide to Midway’s Attractions

Kentucky Cannabis Company

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Kentucky Cannabis Company, Midway, KY
Midway water tower

FAQs About Kentucky Cannabis Company and Midway, KY

Why Choose Kentucky Cannabis Company for Your CBD Needs?

Our commitment to quality, reflected in our full-spectrum CBD products, is unparalleled. We offer a range of cannabinoids essential for maximizing wellness benefits, ensuring every product meets the highest standards.

What Makes Midway, KY Special?

Midway, nestled in Woodford County, Kentucky, is a charming blend of history and modernity. With its proximity to Lexington, KY, and diverse attractions like the Lexington and Ohio Railroad, it’s a must-visit destination.

Can Visitors Explore the CBD Manufacturing Process?

Yes, our location in Midway is more than just a store; it’s where the magic happens. Visitors can gain insights into our production process and learn about the meticulous care we put into every product.

Are There Accommodations Nearby in Midway, KY?

Absolutely! Midway boasts a variety of bed and breakfast options, offering a cozy stay as you explore the town and our Kentucky Cannabis Company store.

What Dining and Shopping Experiences Does Midway Offer?

Midway, KY, is home to an array of dining experiences and shops. From Mexican food at Don Jockey to the delightful Gibsons Midway, and shopping at the Historic Midway Gift Store, there’s something for everyone.