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Visit us at 230 N. Gratz Street in Midway, KY.

Open 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday- Friday

Saturday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:00PM

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Call 859-963-3550 for information or to discuss CBD.

We started as a state-authorized hemp project in 2014 out of the need for quality full-spectrum CBD oil in our own family. Our son Colten was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009. After epilepsy, drugs made matters worse, more often than not.

So we started a new course looking fo,r a better realistic option.  After advocation, we were granted the 5th pilot project and the only one for CBD research at that time. Today we have grown into a fully integrated hemp CBD oil manufacturing company.  Here is our CBD story; see why full-spectrum cannabis CBD oil is important to us! Kentucky Cannabis Company is Kentucky’s first farm-to-market hemp company.

Today thousands have found the benefits of full-spectrum Cannabidiol  ( CBD ) provides. If you have questions about CBD or what to see in a CBD store, visit our Bluegrass Hemp Oil Midway location in the Kentucky Cannabis Company building in downtown Midway, KY.

In 2019 after being spread out in several locations, we consolidated locations around the Lexington, KY area and moved to historic Midway, KY in Woodford county, Kentucky.  Our Manufacturing location was a historic bourbon warehouse built over 100 years ago.

Today we use this location for manufacturing CBD products, in-house cannabis testing, in-door cultivation, and day-to-day administrative needs like working on the website and writing blogs.

If you are visiting Midway KY shops, feel free to park in our gravel lot in front of the building off Gratz street.  If you are looking for things to do in Midway, KY stop by Bluegrass Hemp Oil Midway KY shop and Relax on our rockers on the front porch, or take your picture next to the cannabis leaf wall.

Just stop by and say hi!

We are easy to locate. We are at the end of the main street, next to the Midway water town. You can’t miss us!

Kentucky Cannabis Company
Kentucky Cannabis Company, Midway, KY
Midway water tower

It is located inside the Kentucky Cannabis Company manufacturing headquarters in historic downtown Midway, KY. When Visiting Midway, Kentucky, stop by Bluegrass Hemp Oil inside the Kentucky Cannabis Company manufacturing headquarters.  Owned and operated by the Kentucky Cannabis Company, Bluegrass Hemp Oil was the first U.S. website and CBD oil store located in Lexington, Ky to serve the U.S.  In,2020, Lexington, KY, Bluegrass Hemp Oil location moved up the street from its original location to 190 Lexington Green Circle next to target across the street from Fayette Mall in Lexington. The Bluegrass Hemp Oil CBD store in Lexingto has a drive up window.

Kentucky Cannabis Company is the first CBD Hemp Company in Kentucky. Est 2014 under the federal farm bill of 2014. We moved our manufacturing and administration functions to downtown Midway in October of 2019. The historic building is one of the town’s last 100+-year-old bourbon distillery buildings. We are located next to the Midway Water tower. Come see us!

Visit Meet Me in Midway for more information about our town.

You can’t miss us. We are located on N. Gratz street, right off the main street, where all the Midway Ky shops are. If you happen to be staying at a local bed and breakfast in Midway, KY makes sure you come by and see us. At the end of Main street where all the Midway Ky restaurants are turn left on to Gratz. You will pass the Brown Barrel Midway Ky before you get to our gravel parking lot.

The first time we saw our building, we had just finished eating at the Goose and Gander in Midway, KY. If you are standing outside the Goose and Gander in Midway, you should be able to see our Green Kentucky Cannabis Company building

A couple of doors down from the Goose and Gander In Midway is Don Jockey in Midway, KY. They have good Mexican food at Don Jockey tell them their friends at Kentucky Cannabis Company say hi.

In-between the Goose and Gander in Midway and Don Jocky Midway, KY is Gibsons Midway, KY.  You have many options for restaurants in Midway KY, as will as some great Midway Ky Shops.

Midway Ky has events several times per year. A great Midway Ky event is the Midway fall festival. During the Midway fall festival, we offer our parking lot for close affordable parking.