Our Journey into the Realm of CBD: A Family’s Hope and Endeavor

Embarking on a quest towards uncovering the potential of CBD, we, as a family, have navigated through tumultuous waters. Our tale is one among many, yet unique to our experiences, as we ventured into the Kentucky CBD oil industry and founded Bluegrass Hemp Oil. The journey commenced with unexpected trials that life threw our way, shaping our path differently than we had envisioned.

In 2009, our world was jolted when our 3-year-old, Colten, experienced his first tonic-clonic seizure. The incident, witnessed by his older brother and our faithful pup, was nothing short of a terrifying reality check.

Colten, Gunner, and Angus before the first seizure
The trio a few weeks before the first seizure. Their innocence and camaraderie ever so vivid.

The ordeal that ensued was an exhausting cycle of hospital visits, medical evaluations, and a relentless quest for a viable treatment. Amidst the trials, we clung onto hope, fueled by the resilience we saw in Colten.

Colten undergoing an EEG
Colten’s initial EEG, a window into the electrical storms brewing in his brain.

The myriad medications prescribed came with a heavy toll, casting a dark shadow of side effects that altered our vibrant boy’s essence. Each new pharmaceutical trial was a gamble, a desperate bid to curb the seizures that gripped him.

With a fortified resolve, we sought alternative avenues, leaving no stone unturned. The whisperings of cannabis’ potential in epilepsy circles caught our ear, leading us down a path of earnest research and advocacy.

Colten's EEG results
The myriad spikes, a visual testament to the silent battle within.

The turning tide in Kentucky’s legislation, coupled with our unwavering determination, birthed a new dawn. We stepped into the cultivation and production of high-quality CBD oil, a beacon of hope not only for Colten but for many embroiled in similar battles.

Colten amidst hemp plants
Colten amidst the verdant hemp, a symbol of hope and the promise of a gentler alternative.

Our journey has led to a profound transformation, from despair to hope, from helplessness to empowerment. The testimonials from our customers and the burgeoning CBD success stories echo the sentiment of a newfound hope and the indomitable spirit of families in pursuit of better days.

Embark on a journey of discovery with us, explore the potential of full-spectrum CBD, and be part of a community striving for a holistic approach towards well-being.

Finding Hope in the Midst of Despair: The CBD Discovery

As we searched for a way to improve Colten’s quality of life, we stumbled upon the wonders of CBD. Many parents shared their positive CBD stories, echoing the benefits of this natural compound for epilepsy and various other conditions. However, our excitement was momentarily dashed when we discovered that CBD was not available in Kentucky.

Everyone has a Story that Causes them to Look for CBD: Here’s Ours


The Turnaround: Kentucky’s Green Revolution and Our Family’s CBD Success Story

Our quest for an alternative led us to advocate for the legalization of hemp in Kentucky. As the tide began to change in the state, we not only found relief for Colten but also became pioneers in the CBD industry. In 2014, we launched the Kentucky Cannabis Company, followed by the Bluegrass Hemp Oil retail store, solidifying our place as leaders in the sector.

Discover the Hidden Origin Story of the CBD Craze

Our Commitment: Ensuring Quality and Trust

Our family’s ordeal transformed into a mission: to provide high-quality CBD oil not just for Colten but for others seeking relief. Today, as a vertically-integrated, family-owned business, our commitment remains steadfast. Whether you’re new to CBD or a seasoned user, we ensure the best full-spectrum hemp CBD oil on the market.

How to Take Our CBD Products

A Legacy of Firsts

Our CBD story has many milestones. We take pride in being the first to cultivate high CBD hemp, produce CBD products, and open an exclusive CBD retail store in Kentucky. We’re not just sharing our CBD success story; we’re crafting a legacy.

Learn more about our journey at Bluegrass Hemp Oil

Conclusion: From One CBD Story to Countless Others

From the depths of despair, our family emerged with hope, turning our ordeal into a beacon for others. Our mission is more than just selling products; it’s about educating, advocating, and ensuring that everyone has access to trustworthy CBD solutions.

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Gunner and Colten Polyniak smiling, standing next to their new Great Dane puppy, Angus.
Colten Polyniak with gauze and wires attached to his head during his first EEG procedure.

SEIZURE FREE DAYS Colten continues to take our Genesis Blend extract and remains seizure-free and pharma-free.

Colten Polyniak in a white truck, embracing the first CBD hemp plants in Kentucky.

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