Welcome back to week 4 of our newest full spectrum family’s CBD journey! In this rambunctious crew’s fourth week, Mom is still taking (and serving her children) the recommended 1 ml twice a day of our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract.

According to Mom, David is doing great! His patience is getting significantly better and his anxiety is still decreasing. Not only have the chore-induced tantrums subsided, but he just seems happier all-around. Additionally, David is excelling in the classroom, and his teachers have had to adjust his individualized education plan because he’s meeting his goals so quickly. Of all her children, this mother says that she has noticed the biggest difference in David.

Polly is doing great, as well: she’s noticeably more talkative and has even taken up reading! Mom says that her reading is a huge deal because being able to sit quietly and focus on one task for an extended period of time is not the norm–especially when it comes to educational activities.

Eloise’s teachers are also very happy with her: her attitude has improved and her vocabulary seems to be expanding, too. Much like her older siblings, young Eloise has taken up some reading herself–making up words along the way when she gets stuck! Her outbursts have lessened, too, and the once frequent tantrums are now short-lived.

Still this supermom’s happy baby, Silas appears to be the same. Silas’ nonverbal streak is still going strong, but Mom says he is attempting to make more “conversational” sounds. She is trying not to get her hopes up, but hearing some words soon from their youngest is definitely a long-term goal for this family. The biggest change Mom has noticed in her five-year-old is that his eczema issues are clearing up.

The family dog, Buddy, is also doing well. Mom has upped his serving to two chunks of our Unruffled Dog Bites twice a day, instead of the once a day serving he was originally receiving. Mom says that although he isn’t running laps or doing anything crazy, he is doing much better and not just lying around the house like he was before.

Mom is still seeing many benefits from her daily Genesis Blend serving, telling us, “It’s worked so well for me.” Since she is no longer having to take sleep aids, and has noticed that her depression and arthritis have alleviated significantly, Mom has begun recommending our revolutionary CBD hemp extract to friends! Her family is still consistently taking our popular Bubblegum flavor in our Original Strength Genesis Blend.

Our experts at Bluegrass Hemp Oil have stayed in touch with our favorite mom, giving her advice and encouragement on her family’s CBD journey. With her youngest not seeing as many benefits, we have suggested to this mother to increase Silas’ CBD intake (just slightly) to see if he might reap more rewards from a higher serving. His rapidly clearing eczema is a great sign; CBD is known for aiding this extremely common inflammatory issue in people of all ages.

Bluegrass Hemp Oil reminds all of our loyal customers that your CBD supplement should be consistent in order to properly reap the benefits! All good things take time, and being patient is also important at the start of anyone’s full spectrum CBD journey. If you or your family is interested in starting your own CBD journey, shop our online store or come visit us at our Midway and Lexington locations, where our CBD experts can point you in the right direction to better your quality of life.