It looks like we aren’t the only ones that think our Unruffled Pet Oil is the best CBD pet oil on the block!

award-winning cbd pet oil

Exciting News For CBD Pet Oil!

For three years running, Bluegrass Hemp Oil has held the title of best CBD company as well as carrier of the best CBD products according to the annual Lexington Herald Leader Readers’ Choice Awards. Now, we will be adding a new accomplishment to our trophy shelf–thanks to you all!

Bluegrass Hemp Oil is excited to announce that, this year, our Unruffled Pet Oil took home the second place prize for best CBD pet products in the High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice 2021! We are humbled and grateful to accept this award and we will let this success fuel us in continuing to advocate for and produce the best CBD products on the market. It’s our goal to not only help enlighten the public’s knowledge of the cannabis industry, but also to assist them in finding the relief that they deserve so that our customers can live their life to the fullest–we hope this for you, and for your pets! Our award-winning CBD pet oil is proof of that.

Is CBD Right For Your Pet?

Is your furry friend feeling anxious or stressed? Are you looking for a better, more carefree life for your loyal companion? The answer to your animal’s woes could be found inside one of our Unruffled Pet Oil bottles!

The Endocannabinoid System, present in both humans and other mammals, affects mood, brain functionality, stomach, skin, and so much more! So, just as we take CBD to balance out this very important bodily system, we can give it to our pets, as well. As we already know, cannabis is becoming one of the most studied plants in history. And new research proves that using CBD pet oil for your dog can lead to many benefits, such as helping to treat anxiety, seizures, pain and inflammation, and even help to cure skin-related issues. It has also been suggested that CBD is good for combating depression, insomnia, and appetite loss in pets.

Most veterinarians, when recommending CBD for pets, advise treating them with a full-spectrum CBD–like ours–because of the benefits of other cannabinoids that full-spectrum CBD provides. While the cannabis plant itself is not safe for your pets to consume, full-spectrum CBD is nonintoxicating and is 100% safe for dogs and cats.

Interested in trying out our award-winning CBD pet oil? You can find our Unruffled Pet Oil on our online webpage or on the shelves of our Lexington and Midway stores. In fact, why not make it a bundle? When purchasing our Unruffled Pet Bundle, customers are getting more bang for their buck by shopping both our Unruffled Dog Bites and our Unruffled Pet Oil at a discounted price. We carry our Unruffled Dog Bites in Chicken, Duck, and Lamb!

If you’re interested in watching the results of the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup, click this link! If you just want to watch Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s victory, skip forward to the 58 minute mark on the YouTube video to view the award ceremony for the best CBD pet products.