Not to bring up a sore subject, but school is back in session. After the long break we’ve just come off of, and the COVID-19 restrictions that have made a recluse out of all of us, everyone’s back-to-school routine might be looking a little different this year–and that’s okay! No matter what adjustments you make to accommodate your overwhelming schedule, don’t sacrifice your physical or mental health this semester. With our back-to-school bundle (containing all of the CBD essentials) customers can give both their body and mind the mental vacation it desperately needs–right at the start of the school year!

Back-To-School Savings!

Our back-to-school bundle, available only for a limited time, is the perfect pairing of our three best stress-relieving products! In this bundle, customers find solace in our Relax Bath Soak; a ready-whenever calming effect from our Center CBD Roller; and consistent balance and relief with our Genesis Blend CBD (available in extracts, soft-gels, or capsules)–just pick your size!


Both our original and extra strength Genesis Blend CBD products contain our Kentucky-farmed, full spectrum CBD, as well as USP MCT oil from coconut. Safe for yourself, your child, your parents, friends, and even your pets, our distinguished Genesis Blend CBD extracts, soft-gels, and capsules have been helping loyal customers find the relief they need for years. But don’t just take our word for it–try it for yourself and see what all the buzz is about!

Containing sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Epsom salt, coconut oil, full spectrum CBD extract, kaolin clay, ylang-ylang, elemi, chamomile, bitter orange oil, mandarin oil, patchouli, blue tansy oil, and dried lavender, our Relax Bath Soak is definitely one of the most popular soaks we offer. This bloom-crafted, full spectrum CBD extract paired with soothing Epsom salts and powerful essential oils (known for easing both physical and mental stress) work to shake off your troubles after a long day. The added coconut oil can help to reduce inflammation and seal in moisture, while the Epsom salts work to relieve tension and promote sleep. Ylang-ylang has been studied for it’s relaxation abilities as well as its aromatherapy benefits claimed to help with memory. Commonly found in everyday skincare products for its acne and dry skin fighting properties, Kaolin Clay is thought to be one of the most gentle clays in skincare. With around 4 servings and a wide range of beneficial ingredients in every sealed bag, each of our bath soaks differ in their purpose–but only our Relax Soak is available as a part of this limited time offer!

Made with MCT oil, our full spectrum CBD extract, bergamot oil, and lime oil, our Center Roller packs quite the punch. This travel-sized, 1 oz roll-on focuses on centering and balancing your mind during those midday anxieties and is great for combating everyday stressors in both the workplace and the school hallways. Lime is known to be an excellent mood (and energy) booster, also working to reduce stress and inflammation. Bergamot’s antibacterial properties help to combat pain, stress, and even digestive issues. Feeling the creep of anxiety slowly settling over you during that mid-day slump? Apply some of our Center Roller to your wrists, temples, or even under the nose to help your body absorb and breathe in the effects of natural bergamot, lime, and CBD.

When using our popular back-to-school bundle, we recommend consistency–as always. This means that after your regular serving of CBD (which should be taken twice daily), we encourage you to get the most out of your bundle by benefiting from our lime and bergamot bloom-crafted roller. Then, on the most trying of days, leave your worries in the bathtub while you decompress and de-stress using our hand-crafted soak; this bathroom necessity will help you forget today and prepare for tomorrow!

This discounted bundle, available online or in store, could be the answer to your back-to-school woes. Depending on your sizing choices, our back-to-school bundle ranges in pricing anywhere from $48 – $239. These CBD essentials will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on class with your least favorite teachers (or your least favorite students.)

Back-to-School bundle

Getting back into the swing of things can add on a number of outside stressors: whether it’s leaving your pets home alone again, preparing to focus on your studies, starting a new job, or even calming your fears concerning the current pandemic, we get you. And we’re here to help.

Are you dreading your back-to-school season just as much as we are? Give yourself–or a friend–a reason to smile during these intense next few weeks with some of our back-to-school essentials! Whether you’re a struggling student, favorite teacher, or a parent fighting to get their child back into the school-year routine, it’s easy to find relief when Bluegrass Hemp Oil is just down the street.

Come shop our back-to-school bundle, or any of our other full spectrum CBD products!