Many people seek out the healing benefits of CBD for anxiety, or stress-related issues. Whether it be undiagnosed, uncommonly occurring, acute, onset, seasonal, or serious, your anxiety takes a toll on your quality of life. Not only is CBD known for helping to alleviate anxiety, but it is celebrated for it.

Here at BHO, we remind our customers that CBD is a cannabinoid that binds with our CB1 and CB2 receptors within our Endocannabinoid System, regulating bodily functions and other behaviors that have yet to be studied. This means that while CBD can’t specifically work to improve function for a particular area (i.e. pain, depression, insomnia), it can work to balance your body’s ECS. This is the reason that so many people find relief with our full spectrum CBD.

Studies on CBD for Anxiety

We’ve told you before that cannabis is one of the most studied plants in history. Cannabidiol (CBD), in particular, is no stranger to being put under the microscope. Our passion for educating ourselves, as well as our customers, has given us new insight and valuable information to better understand this revolutionary cannabinoid.

Recent studies as well as preclinical and clinical evidence suggest CBD’s benefits for some neuropsychiatric disorders such as epilepsy, anxiety, and schizophrenia. When dealing with the central nervous system, CBD has been proven to offer a calming effect–no wonder so many people come to our store looking for relief!

CBD has strong potential as an alternative form of therapy for those looking to combat their anxiety. Recent studies done on willing volunteers prove that a consistent CBD intake can not only help to reduce anxiety, but also diminish daily fatigue and fear from outside stressors.

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD

There are many benefits to taking a regular and consistent CBD supplement–and lots of people have added this therapeutic extract into their daily routine.

Many people take CBD to help with their insomnia, and the correlation between sleep and our mental health is substantial. Many experts believe that the nature of an individual’s sleep patterns directly effects that person’s anxiety and depressive tendencies.

CBD has great success for people with Crohn’s disease, as well. Not only this, but the relationship between gut-health and a person’s mood has also been under speculation–specifically, how CBD works to regulate gut health and how that regulation assistance ultimately effects their mood. These theories lead us back to the purpose of the Endocannabinoid System, and how it’s balance cannot be tailored to meet the needs of a specific issue, but work to help other parts of the body, essentially doing a number of things that ultimately help to alleviate stress.

Genesis Blend for Anxiety

Our award-winning CBD has helped so many people find relief from their everyday anxieties, stressors, and sluggish tendencies. With the combination of a bloom-only harvest and a hydrocarbon extraction method that allows for original natural terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, you can put your trust in the quality and care of Bluegrass Hemp Oil.

Here’s what one loyal customer, Crystal, had to say about her first experience with our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract: “I have had severe generalized anxiety disorder and autophobia since I was a little girl. I’ve literally struggled with anxiety severely my entire life. Recently, it’s gotten to my worst point. I contacted doctors, therapists, hospitals. All anyone wanted to do was to put me on Xanax. I didn’t want that. A friend of mine told me about CBD oil, so I came to your store in desperation. I literally walked in the store, sobbing my eyes out from anxiety attacks that had persisted for three days straight. They let me sample it in the store, and within 10 minutes I had calmed down and was smiling. That was about three weeks ago. And guess what? I haven’t had a panic or anxiety attack since I walked into that store. Nothing has helped me like this. And I finally feel happy, calm and friendlier. It’s literally saved my life and I want to scream it to the world. I love you guys!”

Other CBD Products for Anxiety

For those skeptical about consuming CBD, or those who already are and are looking for that extra relief-seeking secret, we also carry a wide variety of topical stress-relieving CBD products.

Our Center Roller, designed to calm during the most stressful of times, swipes easily over your wrists and on your neck, giving customers a deep breath of ease as the combination of full spectrum CBD, lime, and bergamot aid your woes. Great for combating everyday stressors, our travel-sized, 1 oz roll-on focuses on centering and balancing your mind. Known to be an excellent mood and energy booster, lime also works to reduce stress and inflammation, while bergamot’s antibacterial properties help to combat pain, stress, and even some digestive issues.

Our proprietary blend CBD that we’ve infused with essential oils and Epsom salts, more commonly known as our Relax Bath Soak, contains several ingredients that work to combat anxiety: including, but not limited to, ylang-ylang, chamomile, patchouli, and kaolin clay. Commonly found in everyday skincare products for its acne and dry skin fighting properties, kaolin clay is thought to be one of the most gentle clays in skincare! Dipping into a relaxing soak at the end of the day helps millions of people destress and decompress–just imagine how beneficial your bath could be with one of our coveted bath soaks in the mix!

Have you tried just about everything to fix your constant, or occasional, anxiety? Maybe it’s time to try CBD for anxiety and stress regulation. Shop our online store, or find us at our Lexington and Midway retail locations to learn more about our full spectrum CBD options.