When looking for CBD oil for your pets, it’s no secret that our award winning Unruffled Pet Oil works wonders for some of our most loyal customer’s furry friends; but, occasionally, customers run out of our trusted pet product and they need a quick alternative to soothe their pup’s anxiety. Fear not! There is a solution. If you find that your bottle of Unruffled Pet Oil is running low and you’re in a bind, simply turn to your own bottle of Genesis Blend Hemp Extract!

Why Do Pets Need CBD?

There are some parts of life that we just can’t escape: anxieties, stressors, restless nights, and the occasional broken bone complicate our, already busy, lives–even the lives of our beloved pets. Using CBD oil for your pets is no new concept in the cannabis world–our award-winning Unruffled Pet Oil is proof of that!

Just as we do, all mammals have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a neuromodulatory system within our bodies that plays a crucial role in both the development and regulation of our central nervous system (CNS). This bodily system, which you can learn more about here, is responsible for the management of our cannabinoid receptors, which have a direct effect on mood, appetite, memory, motor coordination, pain perception, and a number of other important bodily functions within ourselves and our pets. CBD helps to give balance to this system, allowing both humans and animals to find relief from these struggles.

Whether it be a limping pain from an outdoor injury or the heart-wrenching cry of anxiety barking at your front door as you leave for work, you’ve noticed a difference in your pet. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Here, at Bluegrass Hemp Oil, we know that if your pet isn’t happy, then you aren’t either. The solution to your animal’s pain, anxiety, or even lack of appetite could be CBD!

Unruffled Pet Oil vs. Genesis Blend Hemp Extract

People always come in and ask what the difference is between our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract and our Unruffled Pet Oil–and the answer is simple. The difference between our two distinguished extracts lies in the oil used and the CBD concentration per bottle. Our Unruffled Pet Oil is made with a salmon oil (compared to the MCT oil used in our Genesis Blend Extracts) and the CBD content per serving is 5 mg per dropper (vs. our Genesis Blend Extracts, which contains 10 mg of CBD per serving.).

cbd oil for your pets

Similar to the serving size of our pet oil, our Unruffled Dog Bites (available in Chicken, Duck, and Lamb) also contain 5 mg of CBD in each fun-sized bite. Both online and in-store, Bluegrass Hemp Oil offers an Unruffled Bundle package, where shoppers can purchase both our Unruffled Pet Oil and our Unruffled Dog Bites at a discounted price!

Suggested Use

For medium to large dogs, we recommend giving them a full dropper (5 mg/ CBD) of Unruffled Pet Oil, or a half-dropper of Genesis Blend Hemp Extract Oil twice a day to curb anxiety. For small dogs and cats, we recommend starting them at a lower serving size, suggesting .5 ml of Unruffled Pet Oil (half a dropper) or .50 ml of Genesis Blend Hemp Extract (half of a dropper) twice a day.

With the Unruffled Dog Bites, pet owners can choose to give their animals either half of a treat or a full treat. We do, however, recommend starting with a half-sized bite for smaller dogs to start.

Which Is Better For MY Pet?

The truth is that our Unruffled Pet Oil, our Unruffled Dog Bites, or even our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract could be the best option for your pet! The best way to find out what works for you and your family is to find out for yourself!

Thinking of stocking back up on your own bottle of Genesis Blend? Or maybe you’re looking to try out one of our award-winning Unruffled pet products for your favorite furry pal? Find our full spectrum CBD products in the SHOP CBD section at the top of our webpage!