Our January product of the month was all the buzz at the beginning of the winter season. Being the newest product in our widely celebrated Genesis Blend line, our new extract (made with CBDa) was flying off the shelves–and for good reason. If you perused our update for the release of our Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa, then you know of the potential benefits you could be reaping in switching to a CBDa-infused extract. But, more importantly, why should you switch?

CBDa For Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people seek the help of CBD. Whether it be seasonal, chronic, or a completely new experience for you, no one should have to suffer from feelings of anxiousness, unwarranted stress episodes, or the constant, creeping feeling of negative tension overtaking your life. CBD itself influences the endocannabinoid system–which, simply put, is the internal bodily system which regulates bodily functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, and the nervous system. By binding to receptors, CBD works to manipulate our ECS and, in turn, better operate these important functions.

Unlike CBD, CBDa doesn’t influence the ECS, but instead interacts with COX-2 enzymes.

Scientifically known as Cannabidiolic Acid, CBDa is an acidic compound produced by cannabis plant varieties. When heated, CBDa turns into CBD–this is why it is often recognized as the “precursor” to CBD. Therefore, in order to manufacture a product containing both CBD and CBDa, a specialized method known as cryo-extraction is required to cultivate such a product.

One study, done on rat models in 2017, demonstrated the effects of cannabiodiolic acid when used to treat depression and mood disorders. A similar study in animal testing trials experimented with the effects of CBDa for treating trauma-induced anxiety-related behaviors; results found that both CBD and CBDa (separately and combined) helped to alleviate fear expression and generalized anxiety-related behaviors.

Research shows that, when consumed together, CBD and CBDa are more potent–this is called the entourage effect because, when paired with one another, the effectiveness of both cannabinoids is strengthened.

Because of the extensive research conducted to prove its increased bioavailability, we know that (in both humans and animals) CBDa is not only better absorbed when consumed orally, but also far more potent in its effectiveness than CBD. And though both CBD and CBDa have influence on the 5HT1A (serotonin) receptor, CBDa’s attraction to the serotonin receptor is far greater, suggesting that CBDa is better used in treating issues that require serotonin signaling: issues such as nausea, vomiting, depression, and anxiety. The activation of the serotonin receptionist has anti-depressant and anxiolytic effects–further demonstrating this cannabinoid’s effectiveness in regulating mood disorders.

Desired by many for it’s notable therapeutic healing properties, CBDa has also been studied as an anticancer because of its superior abilities in suppressing inflammation.

Why Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa?

If you’re already a faithful Bluegrass Hemp Oil customer who is taking their Genesis Blend Hemp Extract twice, daily, then you know of the benefits our full spectrum extract provides. However, it may be possible that you’re not seeing the full benefits an extract can offer for treating your anxiety. Or, maybe, we’ve enticed your interest in switching to our CBDa-infused bottle. It could be possible that you don’t need to switch up your already stellar routine–but you’ll never know unless you try!

Our CBD experts recommend our Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa over our other Genesis Blend extracts for specific reasons. If you’re suffering from extreme cases of anxiety, complaining of mind-shattering nausea, or if you’ve recently suffered a serious injury or undergone a notable surgery, an extract containing CBDa might be right for you!

On another note, consuming a product that contains CBDa might be a better option for you if you are already consuming THC. This is because CBD has been proven to limit/counteract the effects of THC, therefore, when you take both, you might be counteracting the effects/healing process you desire. CBDa, however, does not have this same effect.

Our CBDa-Infused Products:

Ever since its release back in November, our Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa has been all the rage. If you decide to purchase a bottle for yourself, you’ll see why. Suggested for customers seeking relief from anxiety, depression, or serious pain and inflammation issues, our 50% CBD and 50% CBDa hemp extract is the newest product in our Genesis Blend line.

Dubbed the “silver bullet” for all of your skincare needs, our Calming Balm is one of the products we are most proud of. Versatile in its capabilities and effectiveness, this skin ointment is coveted for its extensive uses: it’s great for combating eczema, acne, psoriasis, diaper rash, and reducing the appearance of scarring. A must-have for your medicine cabinet, you won’t regret this necessary purchase!

Come Shop CBDa for Anxiety!

If you’re fed up with your feelings of anxiousness–and even more fed up with not seeing results from your other products–come on down to one of our Kentucky stores, where a CBD expert will help point you in the right direction for starting a new routine. Out of state? Not a problem. Shop our online store from wherever you call home–and give us a call if you have any product questions or general concerns. We love to hear from you!