Well… it’s finally Fall. While we can’t help but get excited for colorful Kentucky scenery and holiday traditions, we also can’t ignore the fact that cold and flu season is upon us. Whether it be allergies, cold-weather blues, or the dreaded raking of the leaves, Bluegrass Hemp Oil has all of the CBD fall essentials to help boost your immune system and get you through Autumn!

Soothing Rub

Bitter fall weather pretty much assures the likelihood of cold and flu symptoms in your home. BHO’s Soothing Rub, celebrated for its similarity to a household staple known for its medicated vapors, is all-natural and jam-packed with tons of therapeutic ingredients such as peppermint, menthol, and calendula oil. Sometimes used as an antiseptic, calendula oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to heal wounds, soothe eczema, and relieve diaper rash.

Made with our signature Genesis Blend Hemp Extract, this 1 oz twist tube contains 150 mg of our golden-yellow CBD. It also includes a wide variety of essential oils like eucalyptus and sweet bay leaf oil–which has been long-since recognized as an effective pain reliever.

Great for clearing airways, easing chest pains, and diminishing coughs, this Soothing Rub is easily applied deodorant-style on your chest, wrists, or on the bottoms of your feet. Just gently massage the balm into the skin until absorbed.

Genesis Blend

Stocking up on your regular CBD extract is a given this Fall. Our award-winning Genesis Blend Hemp Extract is offered in both original and extra strength–and we recently launched our new flavored extracts, available in original strength sizes. Prices for our revolutionary resin vary depending on size but, for first time customers, we always recommend purchasing our Starter Kit to learn more about other products and get the most bang for your buck!

If you aren’t familiar with the healing benefits of a regular CBD regimen, then it might be time to start doing your research! The consistent use of a CBD extract has been proven to offer a number of benefits relating to the internal functions of the body, including sleep regulation, mood-boosting, and anxiety-lessening. Read more about our product and how it effects the Endocannabinoid System here!

Breathe Bath Soak

While Bluegrass Hemp Oil offers several options in terms of healing bath soaks, there is one soak in particular that is a definite necessity for Fall. Our Breathe Soak–paired with our full spectrum CBD, Epsom salts, and powerful essential oils, has an ingredient list that make it an excellent anti-cough agent, natural decongestant, and antiviral. Known for relieving stress, tension, digestive issues, and promoting sleep, Epsom salts pack quite the punch in this soak. Included in this extensive list of therapeutic ingredients is kaolin clay, camphor, lemon peel oil, eucalyptus oil, sweet bay leaf oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and dried spearmint!

Feeling under the weather? Slip into this bath soak to help combat sinus issues, coughs, body aches, and even allergies!

Stock Up On These CBD Fall Essentials!

Great for mending cold and flu symptoms, our CBD fall essentials work with the purpose of boosting your immune system during the upcoming cold weather months. Not only does a daily CBD supplement work to help with the regulation of your internal bodily functions, but our all natural ingredients and essential oils provide additional therapeutic benefits that can’t be found elsewhere. Our products are products that you can trust–and products that really work! Interested in stocking up on these highly-coveted, CBD-infused fall essentials? Shop our online store or come say hello at one (or both) of our Kentucky locations!

Are you still trying to stay cautious during the pandemic, but are looking for a more hands-on customer service experience? Our Lexington location conveniently boasts of an easy-access drive thru where customers can still see inside the store and get valuable information from one of our helpful sales associates! Our Midway location (which sits conveniently below our Kentucky Cannabis Company headquarters) offers a full tour of the facilities as well as an Instagram-worthy front porch to sit and relax on! We know that we’re stocking up our medicine cabinets for cold and flu season–come say hey and we’ll help get you and your family ready for Fall too!