Delta-8 THC products, a popular trend in the cannabis market, are commonly sold in gas stations and local head shops. Despite the fact that these products are, seemingly, everywhere, they are not necessarily safe for consumption. As we have warned you before, Delta-8 THC is manufactured with harmful chemicals. And when products like our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract are out there, why risk putting harmful substances into your body when you could be healing it? As a company, Bluegrass Hemp Oil strives to provide our customers with both a safe, healthy product and with important information that is pertinent to the cannabis industry–so that you, the customer, have the proper tools to make an educated decision about your own health. That is why we’re talking to you about the dangers of Delta-8.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

As we have stated in an earlier blog post on Delta-8 THC, D-8 is a minor cannabinoid that can either be naturally produced in cannabis in minute amounts or chemically derived from CBD isolate. Its effects are said to be similar to those of marijuana–the reason behind its growing popularity.

The obscurity around Delta-8 THC’s legality originates from this fact alone: that it is produced from the hemp plant. Everyone should be aware that Delta-8 THC products will get you high, though the effects are said to be substantially less intoxicating than Delta-9 THC product highs. Sold in many forms, Delta-8 THC is commonly condensed into solid substances like gummies or candies; it can also be found in capsules, oils, and even more often, it is seen in vaporized cartridges.

To learn more about Delta-8 THC, follow this link to our previous blog post!

The Dangers Of Delta-8 THC Products

A majority of the dangers surrounding Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol lie within the lack of knowledge we have on it. Delta-8 THC is most commonly produced by adding acids and solvents to CBD isolate. Organizations who are manufacturing Delta-8 properly should undergo extensive measures (including testing) to make sure the product is safe for public consumption. Unfortunately, it is very uncommon to come across a Delta-8 product that is truly considered “safe;” this is because the chemicals needed to catalyze this reaction are caustic and it’s possible to inadvertently create toxic byproducts in the process.

Delta-8 THC is a tool for the industry to consume mass amounts of unmarketable CBD isolate available today, thus creating one low quality product from another. Because of this, we consider these products a “legal loophole.” Because of the lack of structure and federal supervision over the Delta-8 market, we can assume that these products might be manufactured amongst, or purposefully as well as unintentionally mixed with harmful heavy metals and unexpected toxins.

Because of “recent consumer interest in the use and consumption of delta-8-THC…” one researcher in particular, Dr. Richard Sams, has taken it upon himself to reveal the truth about the testing and chemicals used to manufacture Delta-8 THC products (Sams, 2022). In his findings, Sams has determined that testing these products is proven challenging “… due to interference from substances that are not present in plant materials but that are produced during the acid-catalyzed intramolecular cyclization of CBD that is typically used to produce commercial quantities of Δ8-THC” (Sams, 2022). In this publication, he further unfolds the dangers of Delta-8 THC products.

Those who have used these threatening products know the dangers of Delta-8 firsthand, and have seen the repercussions of both long and short-term use. Because of false advertising and a lack of market regulation, people everywhere are at risk to the dangers of Delta-8 THC products. As an advocate for the people, BHO wants to remind you of a better alternative: a twice, daily full spectrum supplement that is proven to show results.

If you or a loved one is consuming a Delta-8 THC product, we advise you to read the label. Do your research on the products in your home and the substances you’re putting into your body. There could be a better alternative to finding the relief that you seek (like a twice, daily CBD supplement!)

Delta-8 vs. A Full Spectrum CBD

CBD is commonly consumed as a supplemental balance to our Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. This supplement has been characterized as an alternative medicine for providing relief from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and physical pains. CBD Oil is commonly used as a treatment for multiple forms of epilepsy, a remedy for preventing cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer’s, and several studies even suggest its ability to reduce cancer cells within the body.

Unlike Delta-8 THC, CBD is not an intoxicating substance. It is safe to take CBD before driving or partaking in complex locomotive tasks. CBD will not get you high, but the healing benefits that this versatile supplement provides can leave users feeling happier and more relaxed.

The benefits of Delta-8 THC cannot even compare to the extensive list of the long-term benefits that come from consistent CBD use. Here at Bluegrass Hemp Oil, despite common misconceptions, we do not support the use of Delta-8 THC products. BHO believes that the law is very clear in the fact that Delta-8 THC is not legal–and we want to emphasize that it is definitely not safe. There is still much to be learned about Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol and its effects; for this reason alone, users should be cautious when it comes to consuming these products.


With all that you know, it’s easy to make the decision between using Delta-8 THC products and our own Genesis Blend Hemp Extract–why would you choose anything but a full spectrum CBD supplement? You can purchase your full spectrum CBD, manufactured with family in mind, through our website. Better yet, come shop in-store at either our Lexington or Midway locations, where one of our employees will be happy to assist you with your CBD journey!