Welcome back! The Week 5 update on everyone’s favorite full spectrum family is, sadly, a short one this week. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has breached their household. But, luckily for this gang, they’ve been taking their regular CBD supplement.

The dad of this fabulous four, the only member of this household who is not currently taking a regular supplement of our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract, contracted the virus earlier last week and the entire bunch has been at home in quarantine. Despite the lack of social distancing that they are keeping from one another within their home, neither Mom nor any of their small children have contracted the virus! While two of their children showed some signs of congestion, partnered with runny noses, both have tested negative for COVID-19 and are already starting to feel better! Mom has reported that everyone else is feeling great.

And while we can’t take all of the credit for this full spectrum family’s immunity, we can admit that there have been several studies that suggest a correlation between a regular CBD intake and a strengthened immune system, directly effecting an individual’s reaction when coming into contact with COVID-19.

But don’t take our word for it: It has been suggested that CBD can help to diminish the symptoms and side effects (including lung damage) of this world-wide virus by working to control inflammation: one study, in particular, proving that the use of cannabis extracts “profoundly decreases the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines in human 3D tissues” (Kovalchuk, et al., 2021). In one specific case study, scientists found that COVID-19 patients who interacted with CBD saw a faster disappearance in their infection levels when compared with patients who did not receive the same treatment. Numerous other studies have also experimented with the notion that terpenoids have the potential to be very proactive in modulating coronavirus-induced infection. 

Science has repeatedly shown us that not only can a regular intake of a full spectrum CBD extract help to prevent you and your loved ones from contracting COVID-19, but it can also be extremely beneficial in aiding your recovery (should you test positive for the virus.) And though there is still much more to learn about the various benefits of CBD use for virus protection, one common factor is clear: CBD not only has the potential to boost immune system functionality, but also to provide anti-inflammatory benefits–which is claimed to be “a vital effect of the compound” when it comes to treating illness (Smith, 2021).

Because of this family’s newfound quarantine, Mom hasn’t been able to pinpoint any specific differences in her little rascals. This minor setback in their daily routine has likely made quite a hubbub in their home. However, our favorite full spectrum mom has made sure to keep one thing consistent: their CBD routine! Mom is still taking, as well as giving her four children (and trusted family dog,) their regular serving of our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract in their favorite Bubblegum flavor!

If you’re like us, and eager to get an update on this full spectrum family’s CBD progress, join us next week–where David, Polly, Eloise, Silas, and Buddy will, hopefully, have better news for us! If you’re feeling inspired by this family’s journey, and you’re interested in starting a full spectrum CBD journey of your own, come shop our online store, or come visit us at our Lexington or Midway locations.

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