We’d like to introduce you to one of our Genesis Blend Families and a new series – A Family’s Full Spectrum Journey!

An Ohio woman, mother to four children, has recently made the decision to incorporate our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract into her family’s daily routine. Her children (who have been given false names for anonymity purposes) have all been diagnosed with autism–though where each of them lay on the spectrum varies.

Mom, too, has also taken the initiative to improve her health, hoping to help combat the stress of parenting four highly dependent children. Following the recommended product and serving size, she and her children take twice daily servings of our Genesis Blend Original Strength. For her little ones, she finds that our popular Bubblegum flavor is the most accepted by her picky eaters. Not only has she seen a difference in herself and in her children, but even their family dog, Buddy, has reaped the benefits of a full spectrum CBD supplement!

After recently moving to a new neighborhood, this mother quickly befriended the family next door! These happy, long-time Genesis Blend customers were the ones to introduce her to Bluegrass Hemp Oil and the healing benefits of a regular CBD routine. After conversing with some of our knowledgeable team members, she decided to give it a chance.

Meet Our Full Spectrum Family

Mom tells us that all of her children are extremely active, preferring outdoor activities over watching television. They spend their time riding bikes, scooters, doing arts and crafts, and jumping on the trampoline outside! Mom tells us that one of the down sides of special needs is that the toys they make for kids generally depend on size and weight–since her kiddos are still into things that are typically designed for younger children, they outgrow toys very quickly.

Ten-year-old David is the oldest child of this Full Spectrum Family. Along with some anxiety and ADHD, David’s autism is high functioning. Despite his limitations, Mom tells us that he is very protective of his younger siblings, and plays with his little sister, Polly, the most. Not too picky of an eater, his mom tells us that David loves putting hot sauce on everything–that he would drink it straight from the bottle if she would let him!

Polly, the oldest daughter of this supermom, is eight years old and appears to be the artist of this enigmatic sibling group. She has a hard time controlling her emotions, and frequent outbursts are the norm–which is common for most children on the spectrum.

Six-year-old Eloise is the youngest daughter of the foursome and, like her sister, she struggles with keeping her anger in check. Mom says that Eloise can be tough when it comes to sharing, and she is beginning to learn about the give-and-take of playing with others. In terms of food, Eloise is the most likely to try new things, while her younger brother, Silas, holds the title for pickiest eater.

Silas is five and he is the baby of our Full Spectrum Family. Although Mom tells us he is a very happy child, his autism is severe and he is not yet potty trained or verbally communicating. He loves to swing on their swing set and, being the pickiest eater, Mom sometimes gives him his CBD supplement with his favorite snack: peanut butter.

Weekly Updates!

This Full Spectrum Family has graciously agreed to keep us updated on their progress so that, every week, we can share their story. With this weekly update, it is our hope that this family’s CBD journey can inspire others to add this therapeutic supplement to their routine–and maybe help families with similar lifestyles find a sense of community in this safe space.