The CBD industry’s meteoric expansion has brought thousands of new products to market, making it an intimidating task selecting quality CBD gummies from trustworthy sources. In this extensive guide, we’ll analyze all crucial indicators around safety, ingredient quality, effectiveness, pricing and more relating to Assure Labs’ full spectrum CBD gummies product line.

Overview of Assure Labs’ Vertical Supply Chain and Hemp Sourcing Standards

As a newer CBD manufacturer founded in 2021, Assure Labs controls their vertically integrated pipeline from US hemp cultivation on licensed Oregon farms up through sustainable CO2 extraction methods, domestically outsourced OEM manufacturing with strict quality protocols and direct-to-consumer plus wholesale distribution avenues.

Their website highlights using premium phytocannabinoid-rich proprietary hemp strains minimally processed to retain the full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids working synergistically. Rigorous control over genetics, soil standards and processing uniformly yields higher value end products.

Analyzing Dosing Options and Formula Transparency Within Assure Labs Gummies

Assure Labs CBD gummies deliver 10mg or 25mg CBD in formulas including complementary ingredients like GABA, L-Theanine, 5-HTP and Melatonin in specific nighttime blends tailored to enhance sleep, calm and recovery. Their lab verified potencies and additives sets them apart from less transparent competitors.

While unique, this targeted design limits Assure Labs from earning USDA Organic badges on their gummies. But their avoidance of additional junk ingredients, dyes and allergens while meeting Certified Vegan and Non-GMO standards reflects attention to quality and safety. Naturally derived flavors like berry, citrus and peach extract provide ample variety.

Documenting Customer Health Benefits From Taking Assure Labs Gummies

While a relatively young brand, Assure Labs early customers widely report noticeable benefits particularly relating to sleep quality, anxiety reduction, relieving pain/inflammation and boosting daily energy levels. The targeted blends with bonus nootropics seem effective. Most mention results appearing within the first week and amplifying over subsequent weeks of ideal consistent dosing.

Nearly 60% of reviewers rate the gummies 5 stars. 15% say they experienced no discernible effects, highlighting the role personal body chemistry plays metabolizing and responding to CBD with influences from lifestyle, diagnoses and medications affecting outcomes. Those taking 50mg+ daily overwhelmingly report benefits.

Reviewing Safety Testing Protocols and Certifications Protecting Customers

Seeking trust indicators remains pivotal when evaluating new CBD companies amidst issues around contamination and false advertising. Assure Labs presents recent Certificates of Analysis from independent labs on their site verifying 0.0% THC non-detect status, no heavy metals or pesticides and label-accurate CBD levels.

Their gummies are also formulated in a GMP facility for quality sourcing and handling procedures. And all products will soon hold a ConsumerLab “CL Seal” cementing further testing credibility compared to 97% of leading brands lacking oversight.

Cost Breakdown and Value Analysis of Assure Labs CBD Gummies

Surprisingly given their boutique brand ethos, Assure Labs maintains affordable pricing in line with larger competitors. Their gummies average between $0.06 to $0.08 per mg CBD matching top value rates for independently tested quality assurance. Larger quantity bundles unlock free shipping and 15% tiered discounts per bottle. See current pricing:

Product Price CBD per Gummy Gummies/Jar Price per mg CBD
300mg (10mg per gummy) $39.99 10mg 30 gummies $0.13 / mg CBD
750mg (25mg per gummy) $59.99 25mg 30 gummies $0.08 / mg CBD
1500mg (25mg per gummy) $99.99 25mg 60 gummies $0.06 / mg CBD
3000mg (25mg per gummy) $159.99 25mg 120 gummies $0.05 / mg CBD

Unlike big box competitors sacrificing service for scale, Assure Labs customers praise their California based support teams’ guidance tailoring CBD regimens providing real personal value surrounding their affordable gummy products.

Evaluating Payment, Shipping and Return Policies

Assure Labs accepts major credit cards, Paypal and Apple/Google mobile pay for easy seamless checkout on orders through their shopping portal Free standard shipping unlocks at $50+ order values alongside 30 day return coverage if dissatisfied with effects.

Interestingly, Assure Labs also markets via Amazon hitting 65 million Prime subscriber homes for increased brand visibility despite much higher seller fees and purchasing friction with payment processing restrictions around ingestible hemp derivatives. This strategy has proven successful though for capturing first time CBD buyers through a trusted hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Assure Labs CBD gummies require refrigeration or special storage?

Like most shelf-stable CBD edibles, Assure Labs gummies maintain optimal integrity stored at cool room temperature away from heat, moisture and light exposure. Refrigeration is not necessary but will prolong shelf life beyond 1 year. Ensure jars are sealed air tight after opening.

Is there THC in Assure Labs full spectrum CBD gummies?

Yes but extremely minimal trace amounts within federally legal limits of 0.3% THC or less by dry weight. Multiple independent lab reports on their website verify undetectable THC given sensitivity thresholds in advanced testing equipment. You will not feel any high or impairment.

How do I properly take CBD gummies from Assure Labs?

Start low with one 10mg CBD gummy daily for a week before increasing to avoid unwanted side effects. Take gummies consistently splitting doses morning and night rather than random large doses for sustained effects. Chew thoroughly before swallowing. Wait 1-2 hours to gauge impacts before redosing. Combining with food boosts absorption.

Can CBD show up on a drug test – what about Assure Labs gummies?

While their verified lab reports indicate no detectable THC based on testing sensitivity thresholds, over an extended period trace THC accumulation in fat cells may still trigger positive results on standard urine, blood, saliva or hair drug screening tests if using frequently. Discontinue use 1 week before any scheduled formal testing.

Does Assure Labs offer discount programs?

Yes. Assure Labs provides 25% off automatically for military veterans, currently serving personnel, first responders and law enforcement officers. Teachers, college students, seniors and disability recipients also qualify for 15% off sitewide. Just submit valid credentials through their online verification portal for instant discounts on every order.


For a young CBD startup, Assure Labs shines across pivotal indicators like premium inputs, transparent testing data, highly competitive market pricing, broad sales distribution reach including the Amazon juggernaut and strong customer service support accessibility. As more consumers discover Assure Labs’ thoughtful formulation twists on CBD gummies enhanced with functional nootropics at affordable cost, this brand stands ready to climb market share.