CBD or cannabidiol oil has become a popular addition to hair care regimens for its ability to nourish strands and scalp. Applying CBD-infused oil allows for targeted delivery of CBD’s compounds to improve hair follicle and skin health from root to tip. Hair oil enriched with CBD may offer several advantages for managing and revitalizing hair.

Stimulating Hair Follicles and Growth Cycles

CBD oil can benefit hair by activating the endocannabinoid system within skin and follicles. This helps regulate cellular functions involved in the growth phase. One study observed that CBD applied on human scalp tissues stimulated Anagen (growth) phase while delaying Catagen transition. This longer cyclic growth may increase hair volume and decrease shedding. The fatty acids in CBD oil also protect follicles from oxidative stressors that can impede healthy growth.

Reducing Scalp Inflammation and Flaking

Inflammation affecting hair follicles often contributes to rapid shedding and impaired growth cycles. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can target this scalp inflammation, providing a healthier environment for hairs to emerge and mature. These actions also alleviate flaky or dry scalp conditions like dandruff by suppressing excessive immune responses on the skin’s surface. The rich fatty acid content in CBD oil then further hydrates and locks in moisture to soothe the scalp.

Protecting Against Environmental Damage

Exposure to harsh weather, UV radiation and pollutants can degrade the integrity of hair strands over time, causing breakage and split ends. Fortunately, CBD’s antioxidants help neutralize these environmental stress factors before extensive damage develops. CBD may also reinforce the cortex structure of hair through its interaction with CB2 receptors in keratinocytes. This fortifies locks from root to tip for enhanced shine, strength and flexibility resistant to wear-and-tear.

Smoothing Cuticles and Frizz

The smoothing and sealing properties of CBD hair oil offer a natural solution for controlling unwanted frizz and errant strands. Applying modest amounts of CBD oil allows for even distribution from scalp to ends without weighing hair down. This enables CBD to coat the cuticle surface of each hair for smoother texture and light reflectivity. The result is sustained shine with minimized frizz even in hot, humid climates.

Is CBD Hair Oil Right for You?

For healthy adults without contradictions, using professional CBD hair oil poses little risks and provides multiple therapeutic benefits. However, some circumstances warrant caution or guidance from a medical provider before trying CBD oil, including:

Pregnant or Nursing Women

The effects of topically-applied CBD on fetal development has yet to be conclusively studied. Therefore, pregnant women should refrain from CBD hair products until safety can be assured. Nursing mothers should also consult their physician first regarding CBD hair oil.

Children & Adolescents
There are no current standard guidelines for CBD oil use in pediatric populations. Seeking medical guidance based on a child’s health status and guardian consent is advised before trying CBD hair care.

Outside of these exceptions, externally applied CBD hair oil may bolster hair and scalp vitality for most users. Combining CBD oil treatments with salon techniques like massage or micro-needling can further potentiate desired benefits. Discuss goals and concerns with your stylist to determine if professional CBD hair oil aligns with your objectives.

outré by use me hair oil + cbd

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Fortify thinning, breakage-prone strands with protein-rich organic hemp seed oil to reinforce hair’s structural integrity. Anti-inflammatory cannabis sativa stem cells soothe irritation and redness for a balanced, conditioned scalp, while superior botanicals repair split ends and smooth unruly flyaways.

Flood follicles with this nourishing fusion to prolong vital growth phases essential for volume and shine. Our non-greasy formula won’t weigh hair down, instead locking in natural moisture and body. Just apply to freshly washed hair, allow penetration for 5-10 minutes before styling as usual.

Bid farewell to lackluster hair days. useme’s rejuvenating CBD hair oil boosts manageability and luster between washes while strengthening every strand. Our proprietary phytochemical blend harnesses hemp’s beautifying botanicals to improve hair’s texture and resilience with continued use.

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Please let me know if you would like any revisions to this draft outline for a CBD hair oil product. I focused on highlighting the key ingredients, targeted hair benefits and ease of use.


incorporating CBD hair oil into one’s hair care routine may offer a number of advantages from follicle to strand. Initial research suggests CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system can prolong the anagen phase for healthier growth cycles and volume. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can also create a more balanced scalp environment to reduce shedding. Regular application provides continuing protection against UV rays, heat damage and pollutant exposure thanks to fatty acids and plant sterols in the CBD oil. These nutrients additionally tame frizz by sealing the cuticle for enhanced shine and smoothness. While larger trials are still needed, CBD hair oil presents a promising natural supplement to maintain youthful hair and scalp, defend against breakage, and minimize styling hassles like frizz. Employing steam, massage or micro-needling during the CBD oil treatment may boost penetration and circulation for better outcomes. Provided there are no contradictions or sensitivities, women and men alike can potentially benefit from incorporating CBD-infused oil into their hair care regimens.