Absorption and bioavailability are two popular terms in the CBD world. Many companies use the terms “CBD absorption” in their marketing to confuse and coerce consumers to purchase. Some will even demonstrate their product dissolving into water as if that is proof their product will work better than others.

It’s nonsense actually. 

There is no scientific study that proves that water soluble products are more effective than true botanical, fat soluble products. (If they say there is – ask them to see it! There has yet to be one company who can deliver.) It is simply a scare tactic that companies use to get your money and charge more for their product in the process. 

As we’ve always said, and science corroborates, full spectrum, fat soluble extracts are better for the consumers for a variety of reasons. Check out our previous blog posts and FAQ page for more info. 

What we have yet to cover is the carrier oil we use in our products, chosen purposefully for how its processed, its benefits, and how it plays an important part in bioavailability and product success – MCT oil.





MCT oil is a clear flavorless, liquid most often derived from coconut oil in a process called fractionation. During fractionation, the long-chain fatty acids are removed leaving an oil primarily composed of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT).



MCT oil has been dubbed a super fuel since our bodies absorb MCTs more rapidly than LCTs (long-chain triglycerides), i.e. olive oil. MCT travels straight from the gut to the liver where it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, leading to higher absorption rates. They do not require stomach acid or bile to break them down to be utilized by the body, making them incredibly efficient and effective, and reducing loss during the digestion process and therefore, increasing bioavailability.






MCTs, since they can easily enter your cells without being broken down, can be used as an immediate source of energy. Additionally, they can be converted into ketones which can pass through the blood-brain barrier, making them a convenient source of energy for your brain cells. Pair that with the benefits of CBD, you have a 1-2 punch for neurological conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s!



So don’t be fooled by those making unfounded claims on absorption and bioavailability. The fact of the matter remains – the best place to get your vitamins and nutrients is through whole foods – consuming products as close to nature as one can get is where you will see the most success. Added ingredients or chemical ridden processes do not ensure product success.