“Stress” is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from demanding, unfamiliar, or adverse circumstances. Commonly interchanged with the word anxiety, stress and anxiety–while similar–are not technically the same.

Stress causes both mental and physical irritants often described as anger, irritability, fatigue, muscle or joint pain, digestive issues, and difficulty sleeping–just to name a few. Anxiety, which is considered to be consistent, excessive worries that never cease, even in the absence of a particular stressor, is the body’s reaction to onset stress in the form of fear or unease.

Here, at BHO, we want to help you with either or–which is why we’re giving you the official BHO rundown on using CBD for stress.

CBD for stress is a widely accepted practice, and it is often that we find customers in our store looking for new ways to combat their recurring stress–whether it be minimal or severe. Our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract, available in Original Strength flavors or in our naturally-flavored Extra Strength, is–in our opinion–the best defense for combating stress!

caN CBD help for Stress

Mental Health Issues Related to Stress:

With mental health being talked about more and more, we are getting more valuable information on how to properly address the mental health issues we, as a society, once overlooked. Often times, anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand–and, especially in these winter months, depression can take a serious toll on a person’s quality of life.

CBD works with our Endocannabinoid system to regulate numerous bodily functions–sleep being one of them. So, while CBD cannot necessarily directly cure your symptoms of depression, it does indirectly work to combat one’s depressive disorders by alleviating anxieties, regulating both sleep and eating patterns, and even balancing mood functionality.

Several studies have also been conducted to show the positive effects of CBD when it is used to alleviate symptoms of PTSD, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, mental fatigue, and memory loss.

Because of its abilities in balancing out our Endocannabinoid system, one study, in particular, dubs CBD “a promising option in treating anxiety, stress, and similar behaviors” (Ferro, et. al, 2020).

Several studies have also demonstrated the effects of CBD when used on patients with epilepsy. Here, at Bluegrass Hemp Oil, we know, firsthand, of the benefits that CBD provides for one of our own in his battle with epilepsy. To learn more about Colten’s story, his progress, and the origin of Bluegrass Hemp Oil, read our story here!

Physical Incapabilities Related to Stress:

More than just one’s mental state, however, stress can also have a serious effect on the body’s physical extensions: stress can lead to headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, fatigue, and even stroke.

This being said, it is not uncommon for customers to enter our stores asking for help with alleviating their chronic pain, inflammation, and serious physical decline due to stress, anxiety, or previous injuries.

Genesis Blend CBD For Stress

A majority of our loyal customers at Bluegrass Hemp Oil take our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract to help combat anything from every day stressors to serious anxiety. CBD helps with stress by directly working with our Endocannabinoid system, an internal cell-signaling system that effects our nervous system and regulates bodily function.

Several years ago, Bluegrass Hemp Oil was founded with the intention to one’s improve quality of life. Whether it be socially, mentally, or physically, your reasons for taking CBD are never too obscure or outlandish here–we’ve heard them all!

Not only do we recommend our award-winning Genesis Blend Hemp Extract for first-time (and recurring) customers to help manage their stress, but we also offer a wide variety of other CBD products that work similarly to improve quality of life!

From extracts to bath soaks, topical creams to delicious honeys, Bluegrass Hemp Oil has just the right product for you. Or, if you’re extra stressed–and looking for a sweet deal with some bonus products–our Starter Kit or legendary Stress Bundle could be the best option for you!

If you’re struggling with constant stress (or even just a little), Bluegrass Hemp Oil is here to help. Whether you’re new to the world of CBD healing, or you’re one of our loyal customers, we want to hear your story and help guide you in the right direction to better your quality of life.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns, or even stories that could potentially relate to another’s–because we’re all on the same bumpy ride, so why not share your experience in the hopes that it could benefit someone else? Everyone fights their own battle, and yours may be similar to another’s!

If you’re interested in taking the plunge and committing to a better way of life for yourself or a loved one, come shop our online store or come see us in person at our Lexington or Midway locations–our associates are more than happy to help!