You, loyal customer, have asked for flavored CBD extracts, and we have listened. Bluegrass Hemp Oil is proud to announce that, on August 1st of 2021, we will be launching our much anticipated flavored hemp extracts–available in bubble gum, coffee, and black cherry!

Traditionally, Bluegrass Hemp Oil has withheld from producing a flavored product. This is because most flavored products in the market are isolated CBD products, meaning they are lower quality and, ultimately, less effective. Not only this, but we also believe that every ingredient present in our products should serve a therapeutic purpose–and added flavoring, does not.

“As a company, we are mindful of “added ingredients” and have historically pushed back on flavored products.  With us, every ingredient serves a purpose.  Adding flavoring doesn’t bring in any additional health benefits, but we realize that sometimes the natural terpene taste isn’t for everyone, which can sometimes be the sole reason why some consumers who desperately need the benefits that quality, full spectrum CBD products provide don’t take them.  Understanding this, we researched and found a quality flavoring we can get behind in order to continue to bring our products to those who need them,” said Adriane Polyniak, Executive Director of Kentucky Cannabis Company, the parent company of BHO.

Based on the data gathered from our beloved taste testers, via our flavor sample packs, our flavored CBD extracts will be offered in bubble gum, coffee, and black cherry. The purpose of added flavors is not to entirely mask the natural flavor of the terpenes, but rather to work with them. The natural terpenes present in a truly full spectrum CBD product cannot ever be fully masked, and if you find a product that has succeeded in covering the natural flavor of an extract, it DOES NOT contain terpenes. If it did, they would have a taste similar to our own product.

While it is our eventual goal to provide flavored options in the form of our Extra Strength Genesis Blend as well, these flavored extracts will be sold both online and in-store under our Original Strength Genesis Blend Extract, which contains 10mg of CBD per serving.

Interested in trying out some of our new flavors? Come in store–or shop online–to get a taste!