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Discover CBD Hemp Direct through Kentucky Cannabis Company’s Journey

In the rapidly evolving realm of CBD, the narrative from seed to final product is filled with innovation, sustainability, and quality. The Kentucky Cannabis Company (KCC) is at the helm of this narrative, setting a benchmark in CBD hemp direct cultivation and manufacturing through their brand Bluegrass Hemp Oil (BHO) since 2014.

Pioneering High CBD Hemp Cultivation in Kentucky

Founders Bill Polyniak and Dave Hendrick led KCC in spearheading high CBD hemp cultivation in Kentucky post-prohibition. Their zeal for sustainable farming and superior CBD products has placed them among the top-tier CBD producers in the region.  UNRAVELING THE LIFE CYCLE OF CANNABIS PLANTS

Kentucky’s First Full Spectrum CBD Oil Manufacturer

KCC prides itself as the pioneer in Kentucky to cultivate and manufacture full-spectrum CBD oil, manifesting their commitment to superior quality CBD products. Their journey in CBD hemp direct cultivation is worth exploring, learn more about it here.

Vertically Integrated CBD Cannabis Product Manufacturing

KCC embodies the essence of CBD hemp direct through its vertically integrated operations. This control from cultivation to retail ensures unmatched quality and transparency in their CBD products.

Sustainable Farming: The Heart of Quality CBD

The core of KCC’s farming practices is sustainability, emphasizing soil health, minimizing waste, and reducing carbon footprint. This model sets the bar for environmentally-friendly CBD production. Discover how a 1% THC allowance could revolutionize the hemp industry here.

Unveiling the Benefits of High CBD Hemp

High CBD hemp garners attention due to its extensive therapeutic benefits sans the psychoactive effects linked with THC. It’s a boon for managing anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleep disorders.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil: A Holistic Wellness Solution

Retailing under BHO, Full Spectrum CBD Oil comprises a potent blend of cannabinoids and terpenoids, presenting a holistic solution to various health ailments. The synergy of these compounds enhances therapeutic benefits, embodying KCC’s holistic wellness philosophy. Explore their product range.

Engage with Kentucky Cannabis Company’s Vision

KCC’s tale is one of passion, innovation, and a staunch commitment to quality. Their sustainable farming and superior CBD products are not merely sales but a promotion of a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

Stay Updated with KCC’s Progress

Keep abreast with KCC’s advancements in the hemp industry by following them on social media and subscribing for updates. Visit their store for an insight into their award-winning products and join a community that cherishes quality, transparency, and sustainable living.


The CBD hemp direct journey of Kentucky Cannabis Company is a testament to the achievable feats with passion, innovation, and a dedication to sustainability and quality. Opting for KCC’s CBD products isn’t merely a purchase; it’s backing a movement that values community health and environmental well-being. Explore the benefits of full spectrum CBD.