Greenvibe CBD gummies are a type of cannabidiol (CBD) infused edible gummy that are formulated to promote balance and well-being. CBD is one of over 100 active compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant. Unlike the psychoactive compound THC, consuming CBD will not get you “high.”

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates functions like sleep, mood, pain response, and more. Early research indicates CBD may provide relief for those struggling with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation and other health issues.

Greenvibe CBD gummies specifically may support joint health, regulate mood, improve focus, relieve occasional pain, and provide tranquility so you can feel your best every day. The gummies are THC-free, cruelty free, allergen-free, gluten-free and kosher certified. They come in 300mg or 750mg jars containing 30 gummies each.

How Do Greenvibe CBD Gummies Work In The Body?

When you take CBD in gummy form, the CBD compounds initially pass through your digestive system to be metabolized by the liver, creating active compounds that interact with receptors throughout the body to impact the endocannabinoid system.

The ECS helps regulate essential functions like immune response, communication between cells, digestion, mood, motor control, appetite, sleep, inflammation, memory and more. CBD binds to endocannabinoid receptors like CB1 and CB2, which influence the release of neurotransmitters and immune system response in the parts of the body with these receptors.

For example, CB1 receptors are abundant in the central nervous system. When CBD activates CB1 receptors, it may create changes in mood, appetite, pain response and other brain functions. Activation of CB2 receptors by CBD on cells throughout the immune system, organs and tissues may modulate inflammation.

Through these systemic interactions that help bring the body into homeostasis, Greenvibe CBD gummies deliver wide-reaching benefits with few side effects for most users.

What Are The Benefits Of Greenvibe CBD Gummies?

While individual results can vary, CBD has demonstrated the potential in studies to provide an array of health advantages through its interaction with the ECS. Greenvibe CBD gummies in particular may offer these possible benefits:

May Support Joint Health

CBD can temporarily block osteoarthritis pain by activating glycine receptors, with potential for chronic pain relief over time. The anti-inflammatory properties also reduce joint inflammation. This may increase joint mobility and flexibility.

Could Regulate And Improve Mood

By stimulating serotonin receptors, CBD may boost serotonin levels similar to SSRIs used for antidepressants. This interplay of brain signaling chemicals could also reduce anxiety. The calming effects make CBD gummies a potential option for supporting focus as well.

May Relieve Some Pain

CBD binds to pain receptors and glycine receptors in the brain and spinal cord. This impacts signaling toward pro-inflammatory pathways and the perception of chronic inflammatory pain over the long term. Less inflammation equals less discomfort.

Might Provide Overall Calm And Tranquility

Through the complex cell-signaling effects we’ve discussed in the ECS that reduce pain, inflammation, depression and anxiety, CBD puts the body into balance. Think of CBD’s medical potential like yoga – except you don’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel!

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of CBD Gummies?

An advantage of Greenvibe CBD gummies is they are THC-free. This removes the risk of psychotropic effects and impairments often associated with marijuana. Generally, CBD gummies are well tolerated in adults even at high doses in studies.

However, users should exercise care if applying CBD cream topically, as reaction at the application site is possible. Those who take CBD gummies by mouth could experience some mild side effects, including:

  • Digestive issues like diarrhea and decreased appetite
  • Drowsiness or fatigue, especially when taken in high doses
  • Changes in mood and other mental status changes
  • Interactions with certain over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements

You should always start with the lowest effective dose when taking Greenvibe CBD gummies or other CBD products. This minimizes risk of side effects. Also discuss taking CBD with your doctor first if you take prescription medications to ensure safety. Otherwise healthy adults likely tolerate CBD well. Those struggling with health issues may experience the most benefit.

Are Greenvibe CBD Gummies Legal And Safe?

Yes, Greenvibe CBD gummies are federally legal across the U.S. under the 2018 Farm Bill and contain less than 0.3% THC, meaning they will not produce psychoactive effects. The hemp extracts used are also compliant with the state level THC content requirements across the United States.

The CBD is extracted from hemp grown in the U.S. without pesticides or GMOs, and the facilities follow FDA-registered Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. The gummies are tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process for quality and safety by an independent third-party lab.

You can access these Certificates of Analysis for the latest lab tests online at Greenvibe’s website or by scanning the QR code on any gummy jar. Each batch is tested for purity, potency, pesticides and heavy metals with extensive reports available right on the Greenvibe site.

This level of transparency and independent testing makes Greenvibe CBD gummies legal and safe for you to use.

What Flavors And Types Of Greenvibe CBD Gummies Are Available?

Greenvibe CBD gummies are creatively crafted in a huge variety of flavors, shapes and formulations to please every palette. Their product lineup includes:

Fruit Flavored:

Covering all the taste bud basics, you’ll find these in sweet, sour and exotic fruit flavors like strawberry, mango, lemon, orange, cherry, grape, watermelon, pineapple and more. Choose your favorite or alternate between flavors.

Sour CBD Gummies:

These cranked up sour sugar coatings covering CBD gummy bears and worms will make your lips pucker. Flavors include Blue Raspberry and Cherry. The perfect level of mouthwatering tartness balances with a touch of sweetness.

Exotic Flavor Gummies:

Transport your tastebuds with toothsome tropical, berry and citrus flavors like Dragon Fruit, Kiwi Strawberry, Elderberry and Raspberry Lemonade gourmet gummies.

Cubes And Worms:

Classic gummi shapes like cubes and gummy worms lend a nostalgic note to enjoying CBD edibles.

##Seasonal And Limited Releases: Greenvibe taps into seasonal flavors and limited batch drops often with special edition cured resin gummies, so check back frequently for new surprise flavors!

With 10mg of CBD per gummy, you can find your ideal taste and texture combination in flavors galore.

How Long Do The Effects Of Greenvibe CBD Gummies Last?

Onset time, duration, and effects can vary individually based on weight, metabolism, dose consumed and other bioavailability factors. In general, most people begin noticing subtle effects about 30-90 minutes after ingesting CBD gummies. The peak effects arrive around 2-4 hours normally.

After 6-8 hours, the perceived effects will begin trailing off. Most people can still detect CBD working in their system at relatively low levels for up to 12 hours. Those who weigh more may require higher doses initially and experience shorter overall effects.

With sustained use over days, weeks or months, some perpetual underlying CBD effects like regulation of mood and pain response may become more noticeable versus the acute effects. Everyone responds differently, so finding your ideal dosage takes learning your own body’s interaction.

What Is The Best Way To Take Greenvibe CBD Gummies?

The best practice for taking Greenvibe CBD gummies includes:

  • Start with one gummy per day at first to assess tolerance and find your optimal dosage.
  • Increase in increments of 5-10mg daily until you achieve your desired chronic or as-needed effects.
  • Take the gummies consistently at the same times of day for at least 2-4 weeks for a fair evaluation of the results.
  • Store the gummies securely away from heat, light and moisture to preserve potency.
  • Enjoy your gummies! Taking CBD should not feel like taking medicine or supplements. Delicious Greenvibe gummies make using CBD more exciting.

How Much Do Greenvibe CBD Gummies Cost?

Pricing for Greenvibe CBD gummies includes:

  • $49.95 for a 300mg Jar (30 Gummies with 10mg per Gummy)
  • $89.95 for a 750mg Extra Strength Jar (30 Gummies with 25mg per Gummy)

Sign up for Greenvibe’s newsletter and watch for regular sales on gummy jars. The subscribed VIP club provides 20-25% off automatically, and bundle packs with 2 or more jars can save you 15%.

Greenvibe also offers a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee, making your purchase totally risk free. These prices put the relief, joy and calm of CBD well within reach!


With a powerhouse team of food scientists, Greenvibe has perfected CBD edibles over years of focused study. Their exclusive formulas optimize the interactions between cannabinoids, terpenes and human cells through advanced nanoemulsions. This process improves CBD absorption and bioavailability dramatically.

Few CBD companies can match Greenvibe’s level of intimate expertise crafting gummies for flavor, function and fun. Their unique perspectives and approaches lead to unrivaled gummy creations supplying 10mg of pure, premium CBD per bite.

Vibrant, sugar-dusted colors and joyful flavors make consistent wellness feel more like treating yourself. The extensive independent lab testing assures you that every accurately dosed gummy is pure, safe and ready to elevate your equilibrium.