We hear it every day, shopping for quality CBD products can be overwhelming! It’s a newer industry that many people aren’t familiar with, there seems to be no shortage of new brand names/ multi-level marketers/ and CBD infused products. To top it off the terminology surrounding all these new products seems to be at times almost intentionally confusing. As someone who is working in the CBD industry, I’ve seen a lot of trends and marketing techniques come and go. While there’s much to be said about finding high quality CBD products, I’d like to keep it simple and offer you two key elements to consider when you shop for CBD.

TRANSPARENCY. This applies in many ways but consider what is made available to clients. Below are a few highlights and their corresponding explanations.

  1. LAB TESTS ARE A MUST! In a recent study, nearly 70% of the CBD products tested were found to be inaccurately labeled in regards to potency of the product.
  2. GROWING, HARVESTING AND EXTRACTION METHODS ARE CRUCIAL TO A HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT. When growing for cannabinoid production (such as for CBD) small changes yield big results in the content of the cannabinoid and terpene profile. That’s why here at Bluegrass Hemp Oil and Kentucky Cannabis Company we hand groom our plants, use organic practices, and harvest and extract only from the bloom, so that in the end our product is not only more effective but also better tasting!
  3. DIRECT LINE OF CONTACT. After all the researching and reading, you may still be left with some questions, or maybe not, but either way being able to call and speak with someone directly puts a lot of clients at ease in an area where confusion is abundant.
  4. LABELING. The size should be clearly labeled in ounce and milliliter. The ingredient list should typically be short. Most high-quality products contain an extract emulsified in a carrier oil but some products contain multiple fillers, flavoring agents, and/or additives. The strength can be tricky but is most commonly listed by the bottle’s total milligram content of CBD (we also list the mg per ml amount). Some companies list total cannabinoid content whereas others list only CBD content. Either works but just watch for comparison sake because they do not always equal each other in value. PRICING. To compare a product’s value, try dividing the total CBD mg content by the price to find your price per mg. Keep in mind that when dealing with a truly full spectrum product 100 mg CBD is a better value than 100 mg total cannabinoids because if the product is full spectrum then 100 mg CBD product would have additional milligrams of other cannabinoids and may be closer to 120 mg or more when considering other cannabinoids.
  5. LOOK AND TASTE. Darker colors with a green bitter taste indicate more plant material or inferior processing which is common among companies who grind the entire plant for extraction (including CBD negligible stalk, stem, and fan leaves). Very light or clear colors with little forward taste and bitter after-taste often indicate the use of CBD isolate which is a single molecule extract and does not contain any other beneficial terpenes or cannabinoids. A nice golden hue (like ours) with a mild natural cannabis taste would likely reflect a high-quality Oleoresin or extract from a bloom that’s rich in cannabinoids.
**Pictured above, our Genesis Blend Oil located in the center. Surrounding it are other well known CBD products brought to us by clients who weren’t satisfied with them.**
When you or your loved ones are in need of some hemp to help, we know there’s a lot of pressure to find the best quality around. That’s why at Bluegrass Hemp Oil not only do we meet and exceed this criteria but we are also here to help with any other questions! You can call us, message us on social media, email our info account or stop by and see us at one of our retail locations! We will be sure to answer your questions promptly! Happy shopping to you all!