Kentucky Cannabis Company: The Trusted Pioneer in CBD Production

The Problem: The Flood of Fly-by-Night CBD Producers

In an industry saturated with innumerable CBD producers, both people and businesses are faced with a significant challenge: finding a trustworthy and reputable CBD manufacturer. The market is teeming with companies that appear overnight and vanish just as quickly, leaving behind products that are often identical to others under varying expensive labels and marketing goop.. For both direct customers and business owners, the question is, who can you trust?

Kentucky Cannabis Company logo with a circular depiction of the world in the backdrop, showcasing light and dark green crop lines, a silhouette of Kentucky mountains, a cannabis leaf with a drop representing oil, and the state outline of Kentucky with a medical cross at the center." Kentucky cannabis company is the first CBD producer in Kentucky

The Solution: Kentucky’s Oldest Full-Spectrum CBD Producer

Enter the Kentucky Cannabis Company, a beacon of reliability in a sea of inconsistency. Rooted in history and backed by an unwavering commitment to quality, Kentucky Cannabis Company stands out as Kentucky’s oldest full-spectrum CBD producer. With our humble beginnings dating back to 2014, we aren’t just any CBD producer; we are pioneers who initiated the CBD industry.

As one of the original five Kentucky hemp pilot programs launched in 2014, we were exclusively focused on cannabinoid research. When you’re searching for experience, integrity, and expertise, look no further than the Kentucky Cannabis Company.

The Proof: Our Legacy and Superior Extraction Method

Our history speaks volumes about our dedication. From our passionate advocacy for hemp legalization in Kentucky, fueled by a personal mission surrounding our founder’s son, Colten, to being one of the first six companies to legally cultivate hemp in the state, we’ve paved the way for many (source).

The core of our excellence lies in our extraction method. While many brands opt for processes like water-soluble isolated CBD and CO2 extraction, we’ve always believed in capturing the full therapeutic power of the cannabis plant.

Our pioneering butane extraction process, or BHO, retains a richer array of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids, which is vastly superior to the isolation and CO2 extraction processes. These compounds work in synergy, creating what’s known as The Entourage Effect – a combined therapeutic effect that delivers optimal benefits.

Research indicates that the full spectrum of benefits is what makes our Genesis Blend at Bluegrass Hemp Oil stand out in a saturated market.

Moreover, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Some of our hemp seeds, cultivated from our innovative breeding program, were so exceptional that they even caught the attention of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Although these seeds were seized during the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program, it inadvertently highlighted our undying commitment to excellence (read more here).

Why Choose Kentucky Cannabis Company?

Our position as a trusted CBD producer is a testament to our enduring quality and commitment. With a rich tapestry of history, from leading industry standards in product labeling to championing consumer protection rights, we’ve shaped Kentucky’s CBD narrative, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for all. If you’re a business owner seeking a reliable CBD manufacturer, look no further and visit here.


Business owners need no longer grapple with the uncertainty of finding a dependable CBD manufacturer. The Kentucky Cannabis Company offers an answer with a legacy of excellence, a pioneering extraction method, and unmatched expertise. Elevate your business offerings with full-spectrum CBD oil that promises superior benefits over its counterparts. Are you interested in purchasing in bulk or wholesale? Discover more here.