Pain and discomfort remain the most common ongoing afflictions affecting quality of life. While temporary inflammation gets triggered by injuries or overexertion, chronic issues like arthritis, neuropathy and migraines debilitate millions globally. Pharmaceuticals only temporarily mask discomfort and carry adverse effects. This compels exploration of safer relief solutions.

Topical CBD balms like Plus CBD Oil Hemp Balm provide one promising option. Formulated using whole plant hemp extracts, essential oils and natural waxes, this therapeutic balm delivers targeted effects to soothe muscles and joints. Its clinical-grade ingredients, certifications and customer feedback give credibility to advertise claims.

This article provides comprehensive guidance on everything related to this leading therapeutic CBD topical.

How Does Plus CBD’s Topical Balm Work?

Plus CBD infuses fast-acting natural relief into their Hemp Balm through full-spectrum CBD oil, arnica, menthol and other plant-based ingredients. Users simply apply the balm to targeted skin areas and effects start working quickly. But how does it provide such rapid localized support?

Localized Skin Absorption

Unlike ingested CBD requiring digestion before effects, topical balms allow direct absorption through skin application. Natural carriers start permeating skin rapidly to reach underlying tissues in a highly targeted manner. This enables faster-acting relief.

Synergistic Botanicals

Combining multiple plant-based compounds builds “ensemble effect” causing magnified therapeutic effects compared to any single ingredient alone. Plus CBD’s formula harmonizes cannabis with arnica, tea tree, menthol and other time-tested botanicals creating a powerful balm.

Sustained Activity

The balm’s natural waxes and saturated carriers retain rich hemp oil content against skin longer than basic creams. This prolongs absorption building enduring effects that increase over regular use. Ongoing exposure optimizes the endocannabinoid system amplifying wellness trajectories.

Overall, applying Plus CBD’s Hemp Balm enables precise supplemental relief triggering CB receptor pathways managing pain, swelling and discomfort. Users gain simple, fast-acting and sustainable relief on demand.

What Key Ingredients Power Plus CBD’s Topical Balm?

While full spectrum cannabis oil delivers primary activity, other functional ingredients within Plus CBD’s formula amplify targeted effects. These complementary botanicals and nutritive compounds enable a truly comprehensive topical.


The balm derives premier support from abundant CBD levels interacting with CB-1 and CB-2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Binding these sites reduces inflammation, discomfort and sensory hypersensitivity.


This “mother cannabinoid” holds unique anti-inflammatory attributes. Though typically scarce, Plus CBD’s hemp oil carries richer CBG content expanding relief pathways.


Menthol provides rapid skin cooling effects that soothe sensory nerves to reduce localized discomfort. Combining menthol with CBD creates fast-acting relief that penetrates deep.


Tea tree oil supports various skin health functions from nourishing complexion to managing blemishes. Its anti-inflammatory qualities also heighten the soothing balm activity.


Natural waxes enable Plus CBD’s balm to retain maximum viscosity. This allows more gradual transdermal diffusion for durable, lasting relief versus thinner creams clearing quickly. The beeswax also locks in moisture.


Arnica flowers contain multiple botanical compounds that optimize anti-inflammatory processes decreasing swelling and fluid build ups. This amplifies supplemental comfort topically.

Together this ensemble of premium organic ingredients generates maximum natural relief activity concentrated directly where users need it most.

How Effective is Plus CBD Oil Hemp Balm?

While formal clinical testing awaits full legalization, extensive consumer feedback already supports effectiveness claims for Plus CBD’s topical supplement. Early reviews cite therapeutic benefits related to exercise and activity recovery, daily muscular discomfort and even beauty related skin nourishment.


Both weekend warriors and elite athletes praise Plus CBD balm benefits for accelerating relief in overworked muscles and achy joints after strenuous workouts. Faster recovery enables more consistent fitness routines.


Those suffering from ongoing back tension, arthritis stiffness and nerve sensitivity obtain substantive relief from regular balm use decreasing flare ups. Users report improved flexibility and movement.


Several users also share benefits for complexion vitality, even skin tone and lessening appearance of wrinkles when applied to face and neck areas. CBD interactions with facial endocannabinoid receptors may drive these beauty effects.

While each individual’s experience varies based on factors like age, diet and chemical balance, overwhelmingly consumers award Plus CBD’s Hemp Balm high value for amplifying daily comfort and soothing focused relief.

How Should Plus CBD’s Hemp Balm Be Used?

According to package directions, adults and children 12+ should use Plus CBD Oil Hemp Balm as needed up to 4 times daily. Follow these best practice guidelines:


Clean and dry the target skin area thoroughly before application. This helps the balm ingredients better penetrate to where they’re needed most.


Apply small fingertip amounts gently massaging into uppermost skin layers until absorbed. Repeat applications liberally to magnify localized relief effects.


Reapply generously after any water exposure from baths, showers or swimming. Optimal hydration enables fuller absorption and relief.


For additional effectiveness when managing significant discomfort, try layering applications. Apply to same area after the first application fully absorbs for compounded intensity.


Consider gentle massages over any area of application. Massage pressure and friction optimizes transdermal diffusion activity further.

Plus CBD’s fast-acting natural botanicals quickly build skin permeability and absorption rates. Follow package guidance for ideal benefits.

What Do Independent Lab Tests Say About Safety & Quality?

As health and wellness products, verifying purity and label accuracy remains paramount for Plus CBD offerings. They adhere to FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations ensuring stringent quality controls throughout their supply chain.


Plus CBD tests batches of raw hemp oil concentrating CBD, terpenes and lesser known phytochemicals for quantified cannabinoid levels and absence of contaminants.


Post-formulation and manufacturing, final balm batches face additional independent 3rd party testing validating amounts of active ingredients per container as advertised fall within strict tolerances.


Their manufacturing facilities hold ISO certifications for quality, health/safety and environmental management. Their finished products also carry US Hemp Authority, Leaping Bunny and other seals verifying conscientious sourcing and production ethics.

While no supplement proves 100% risk-free, intensive measures by PlusCBD minimize reasonable concerns over purity or dosing when using their balm. Ongoing testing and process refinements cement trust in labeling accuracy.

What Do Customers Say About Plus CBD’s Hemp Balm?

Beyond clinical-level quality control testing, Plus CBD’s 97% customer satisfaction score offers perhaps the greatest testament to how well their topical balm performs for supplemental relief and wellness goals.

Verified buyers overwhelmingly award 5-stars for the company’s customer service and effectiveness of the natural hemp balm. Here are common themes from user reviews:

Lasting Discomfort Relief

Customers felt significant improvements in localized discomfort and joint stiffness from consistent balm use. Ongoing exposure provided compounded relief enabling greater mobility and activity tolerance.

Faster Post-Exercise Recovery

Both casual and pro athletes report substantially less muscle and joint throbbing after workouts when applying the CBD topical. Accelerated recovery helps facilitate more frequent fitness routines.

Skin Health and Beauty Benefits

Several reviewers cited additional benefits related to facial complexion radiance, elasticity and smoothing from regular facial applications targeting fine lines, crow’s feet and under eye areas.

While consumer experiences vary individually, extensive public feedback solidly supports targeted supplemental relief and skin nourishing advantages from Plus CBD’s premium hemp balm.

How Much Does PlusCBD’s Hemp Balm Cost?

Plus CBD prices their 1.3 ounce Hemp Balm container at $58 retail. However, promotions through their website can reduce cost by 25% or more.

Users also accrue reward points with purchases. Points further lower net costs while earning free gifts and shipping privileges. Compared to inferior balms, Plus CBD offers solid value at just over $2 per gram given clinical-level ingredients and testing.

For even greater savings, customers should consider subscribing with regular delivery. Discount tiers for routine purchases can reach up to 40% off automatically. This reduces pricing to under $40 per jar shipped.

Given fast visible benefits customers experience from Plus CBD’s balm, rewards program incentives and effectiveness guarantees make this therapeutic topical very affordable long-term.


Seeking sustainable alternatives to address chronic discomfort, inflammation or exercise recovery remains imperative for active lifestyles. While CBD enters the mainstream currently, few products leverage full spectrum preparations amplified with complementary botanicals like Plus CBD does through their Hemp Balm.