CBD gummies have fast become one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabidiol (CBD) thanks their delicious flavors and fun, candy-like nature. Smokiez CBD Gummies stand out as a top choice with their quality ingredients, variety of options, and potent hemp-derived formulations.

This in-depth guide will explore key topics around Smokiez CBD gummies including:

An Overview of Smokiez and Their Path to Success

The Smokiez brand was launched in 2018 by G Viride LLC, a leader in quality hemp products and innovation. Based in sunny San Diego, California, the company has always prioritized creating the best CBD experience possible through extensive research and testing.

Smokiez quickly saw success with their gummy lineup offering convenient doses of broad-spectrum CBD, meaning all the compounds of the hemp plant working together without the THC. Their commitment to quality and availability in retailers across the U.S. established Smokiez as a go-to choice for CBD seekers.

The Importance of Third-Party Testing For Safety and Accuracy

All Smokiez products undergo independent third-party testing to validate the label claims around CBD potency and to screen for contaminants and toxins. This ensures accuracy in dosing and provides assurance to consumers that Smokiez gummies are safe to enjoy.

Smokiez provides easy access to recent lab reports from analytics leader Confident Cannabis. Simply enter the batch QR code on their website to see a certificate of analysis detailing tests results for your specific product down to the milligram.

An Array of Flavor and Formula Options

A major perk of Smokiez gummies is the variety available. They offer traditional sweet flavors like Peach and Watermelon in their Original Mix, plus tropical flavors like Guava and Kiwi with their Tropical Mix. Their latest addition, Sour Smokiez, brings citrus zing.

In addition to flavor choices, shoppers can select from broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or 1:1 CBD:THC formulations. This range means people can find an option tailored for their tastes and wellness goals. Those wanting no high at all might choose a soothing Watermelon broad-spectrum gummy while a tropical Guava full-spectrum gummy could provide whole plant benefits plus some THC.

Convenient Consumption Method and Precise Dosing

Gummies represent one of the most handy and precise ways to take CBD. Smokiez gummies deliver pre-measured 10 or 25mg servings of CBD in a tasty chewable format – no droppers or guesswork required. They are discreet, portable, and their gel texture makes dosing easy to swallow.

Smokiez also offers larger packs like their 250mg and 500mg bags for those seeking higher potencies per gummy to manage pain, anxiety, sleep issues, or other challenges. Starting low and increasing slowly is always advisable when adding new supplements.

An Affordable Long-Term Solution

While Smokiez offers premium quality at every production stage, their upfront costs remain comparable and affordable long-term versus other formats like oils. Smokiez prices range from $19.99 for a pack of 10mg gummies up to $59.99 for a bag of 25mg CBD sour gummies.

Bulk and bundle deals offer even more savings, especially for heavy users or those managing chronic conditions. Smokiez subscriptions through their website provide up to 25% off MSRP prices. Compared to other reputable CBD gummy options, Smokiez remains budget-friendly.

Smokiez’ Veterinarian-Formulated CBD Pet Line

Pets can enjoy the same safety and quality as Smokiez beloved human edibles thanks to their focused pet wellness line with tinctures and treats specifically for dogs and cats. Also boasting third-party testing, these veterinarian-developed formulas leverage the power of CBD to ease common issues like anxiety, pain, and seizures.

Flavors like peanut butter appeal to canine tastebuds while products stay safely dosed based on an animal’s size and sensitivity. The brand avoids additives and opts for natural ingredients to prevent upsetting sensitive tummies.

Smokiez’ Commitment to Community and Advancement of CBD Understanding

In addition to crafting pure effective CBD edibles, Smokiez strives to listen to customer experiences, promote hemp education, fight for legal access, and give back to meaningful nonprofits.

Their site shares the latest legislative victories, news articles about CBD applications, and educational journals. Smokiez also uses hashtags like #CBDMOVEMENT to elevate awareness and personal stories on social media. They actively listen and respond to product reviews and frequently asked questions as part of their commitment to compassion and service.

The brand donates a portion of profits to select charities as well including thejamesrandifoundation.org which advances research and therapies for surviving cancer worldwide.

Choosing the Best Smokiez Gummies – Flavor, Formula & Potency Recommendations

When selecting your ideal Smokiez gummies to match needs and taste preferences, keep these key deciding factors in mind:

Flavors: Those with sensitive tastebuds or who prefer less sweetness may enjoy Smokiez Sour gummies with tangy lemon, raspberry, and orange flavors. Tropical Coconut Pineapple or guava please papilas craving exotic fruits while classic Watermelon and Strawberry soothe sweet tooths.

Formula: Seek Smokiez broad-spectrum gummies to reap all plant benefits minus THC or full-spectrum for the entourage effect with some THC exposure. Specific conditions like anxiety or pain may benefit more from carefully calibrated 1:1 ratios.

Potency: New CBD users ought to start with lower 10mg doses and increase slowly as needed. Those managing pain or other intense symptoms may opt for 25 or 50mg Smokiez strength per gummy. Pay attention to individual reaction and titrate dosage accordingly. Bulk jars allow easy access to higher concentrations.

Product Reviews: Reading genuine Smokiez customer reviews on brand trustpilot or retail sites provides further insight on specific formulas and flavors based on real-world testing and feedback. See what gummies worked best for needs similar to yours.

At the end of the day, choosing a Smokiez product that you enjoy and conveniently fits into your routine makes staying consistent with CBD supplementation easier. Let your tastes, wellness goals, and dosage needs guide you to your perfect match.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smokiez CBD Gummies

Q: Do Smokiez gummies get you high?

A: Smokiez broad-spectrum and CBD isolate gummies will not cause intoxication or psychotropic effects. Their full-spectrum options contain some THC which induces mild euphoria. Potencies max out at 50mg per gummy so reactions remain mellow versus other edibles.

Q: Where can I buy Smokiez CBD gummies?

A: Reputable CBD retailers across the country carry Smokiez including CBD American Shaman stores and Circle K convenience shoppes. Their store locator helps find local availability. Online CBD giants like CBDfx and cbdMD also offer shipping.

Q: How long do the effects of Smokiez gummies last?

A: Ingestible CBD edibles generally produce 4-6 hours of sustained effects thanks to digestive absorption versus faster fading sublingual oils. Smokiez gummies promise productivity, relaxation and relief for quarters of your day. Re-dose prudently as needed.

Q: Can kids safely take CBD gummies like Smokiez?

A: While more studies on juvenile use are needed, CBD appears safe according to WHO and lacks intoxication risk. That said, child-proof packaging and pediatrician discussions remain imperative. Smokiez labeling follows forthcoming FDA guidelines.

Q: What’s better for sleep – Smokiez original or sour CBD gummies?

A: Both make ideal pre-bedtime treats. Original formula highlights relaxing melatonin while Sour raspberry gummies soothe stress. Choose the flavor you find more personally comforting and opt for full-spectrum additions if permitted locally. Sweet dreams!


Smokiez premium CBD gummies deliver safety, quality, and efficacy people can trust. Their commitment to compliance, transparency, choice, and compassion makes their edibles a top choice for both first-timers and die-hard CBD fans alike.