The CBD edibles market grows more crowded by the day. With endless products all touting various benefits, it can prove overwhelming trying to decipher quality. Among the latest entrants drawing attention are This Earthmed CBD gummies. Billed as premium organic CBD blends for general wellness, this new brand warrants a closer analysis.

As CBD access widens, gummies have become a top entry point for first-time users. Their precise doses, tasty flavors and public familiarity build approachability. This Earthmed seeks to meet that demand with affordable options san regulatory concerns. But do the actual products justify hype surrounding This Earthmed CBD gummies?

This comprehensive review will scrutinize This Earthmed’s lineup based on key buying criteria. Factors like hemp sourcing, formula transparency, manufacturing practices and independent testing shape overall quality. Customer impressions also weigh in evaluating real-world effectiveness for the price. First requires covering This Earthmed CBD gummies basics before delving into pros and cons.

This Earthmed CBD Gummies Overview: Product Options & Ingredients

This Earthmed launched in 2022 offering three CBD gummy options tailored to different wellness needs:

1. Original Formula – General support gummy with 25 or 50mg broad spectrum CBD per piece plus minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBDv etc.)

2. Sleep Formula – Formulated to promote sleep quality with 25 or 50mg CBD, 3mg melatonin and relaxing herbs like chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm.

3. Focus Formula – For concentration and calm with 25 or 50mg CBD plus nootropics like L-theanine, Rhodiola rosea extract and Alpha GPC choline.

Each bottle carries 30 fruit-flavored mixed berry gummies combining CBD with intention-specific ingredients (if applicable). This Earthmed stresses using 100% USDA organic hemp and fair pricing on all items. But what about the finer details?

Hemp Sourcing & Processing: Where This Earthmed Excels

Many neglect examining brands’ supply chain ethics and practices. Yet hemp origin arguably shapes safety and quality more than any other factor. This gets overlooked when chasing price cuts and big claims instead of vetting farming techniques.

Thankfully This Earthmed devotes serious priority to traceable, sustainable American-grown hemp. Their website highlights partner family farms specializing in organically-raised phytocannabinoid-rich plants harvested at peak maturity. The ensuing CBD extract comes strictly from aerial plant parts through clean carbon dioxide or ethanol processes.

That ticking both boxes for conscientious inputs and extraction bodes well for purity. But proof lies in This Earthmed’s third-party certificates of analysis (COAs) posted online for each item. An independent testing lab validates zero heavy metals, pesticides or molds with full cannabinoid rundowns.

It’s this farm-to-shelf visibility on reputable American hemp that engenders trust in This Earthmed above random market brands. Yet sourcing is only half the battle…

Manufacturing & Quality Testing: Does This Earthmed Pass Muster?

Starting with stellar organic hemp means little without handling it properly post-harvest into value-added products. Here too lies an area where fly-by-night companies cut corners – formulating and producing CBD under lax safety standards.

Thankfully This Earthmed reveals its entire U.S.-based manufacturing process from raw materials to finished packaging. Their state-of-the-art GMP facility stewards coveted NSF Good Manufacturing Practice registration ensuring protocol rigor.

Creating the gummy base utilizes a proprietary blend of fruit pectins for chewy texture before mixing in CBD distillate and botanical ingredients by batch. This Earthmed then lab tests every new production run to verify accurate CBD levels and purity from residual solvents or microbes.

While some brands conceal such details, This Earthmed displays exemplary transparency at each production phase. And their finished gummies undergo independent analysis too for final public posting of full COAs.

Product Variety: Plenty of Options for New Users

Another hallmark of quality CBD companies is providing enough selections to meet varied wellness goals or situations. Beyond just chasing trends in the space, considerate brands address distinct user needs. This Earthmed does exactly that in tailoring both CBD concentrations plus added ingredients based on overall functionality.

Their flagship standard gummies suit general use with a solid 25 or 50 milligram punch of supportive broad spectrum CBD. Those wanting deep rest reach for the melatonin-infused sleep variety additionally packing chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm to synergize relaxation. And for non-drowsy daytime enhancement, the cognition-centered focus gummies include L-theanine, Rhodiola and Alpha GPC choline to keep circulation humming.

The choices check boxes for new CBD users unsure where to start while allowing seasoned veterans nuanced effects. And again, COAs affirm each formula’s contents and lack of contaminants. But does real-world performance match seemingly meticulous production values?

Customer Feedback: Favorable Reviews Back This Earthmed’s Focus

Scanning online reviews and community appraisals lends insight on actual consumer reception beyond the promotional façades. As This Earthmed just launched in 2022 not much impartial feedback exists yet. Early returns prove largely positive among trial-buy reviewers and unboxing bloggers though.

Unanimous praise centers on their organic sourcing, transparency and product variety defining the brand. Multiple reviewers relay promptly feeling gummies’ effects take hold signaling quality absorption. Customers also repeatedly applaud the affordable pricing given screaming-high value from premium inputs down to final independent testing.

The lone complaints surroundhigher standard shipping costs coupled with lack of discounts for subscription rates. But wrapped in stellar marks for integrity and performance, those qualms fade as mere suggestions to an otherwise celebrated newcomer. With firsthand validation matching production diligence, This Earthmed CBD gummies shape up as a sound choice.

Pros vs Cons: What Are This Earthmed’s Strengths & Weaknesses?

Circling back to initial criteria for evaluating CBD products makes plainly rating This Earthmed gummies on core facets easy:


  • Feature accredited USDA organic hemp from U.S. family farms
  • Employ clean, regulated extraction and formulation methods
  • Transparent manufacturing process in American GMP facility
  • NSF Good Manufacturing Practice certification reinforcing safety
  • COAs test for CBD levels plus purity from each facility
  • Product variety for flexible wellness applications
  • Added sleep and focus blends using evidence-backed ingredients
  • Positive independent reviews praise quality and fair pricing


  • Subscription plan discounts or loyalty rewards lacking
  • Standard shipping somewhat costlier than competitors

Weighing those attributes puts This Earthmed fully out ahead in arguably every meaningful quality indicator from seed to sale. Process controls and current Good Manufacturing Practice adherence stack up well versus leading brands. Any detractions about shipping rates hardly detract given their formula transparency and responsible U.S-based production.

Simply put, This Earthmed CBD gummies warrant consideration especially for new CBD eaters valuing legit organic sourcing or targeted wellness solutions beyond general use.

Final Verdict: Worth Purchasing This Earthmed CBD Gummies?

In the unreliable landscape of CBD offerings, brands like This Earthmed projecting accountability offer reprieve. Early indications suggest their organic, cleanly-produced gummies deliver on design intents. Perhaps expected with conscientious inputs plus serious manufacturing standards in play.

Yet the ultimate decision on trying This Earthmed CBD gummies rests in individual judgement over price justifications and favored format. Their cost per milligram of quality broad spectrum CBD lags behind market leaders somewhat. However, investing slightly more for verified high-grade American hemp free of heavy processing may incentivize ethical consumers.

And for those wanting reliable targeted support like better sleep, the tailored formulations apply unique value. In a crowded scene desperate for legitimacy, This Earthmed makes a compelling case to compete among the CBD industry’s cream rising crop.


With core product variety and potency options covered for newbies plus veterans, This Earthmed CBD gummies check key boxes on flexibility. Their dominating edge transpires via an obsessive devotion to certified organic American hemp reinforced at each production phase. Resulting gummies deliver noticeable impacts with expected premium pricing attached. Minor nitpicks hardly diminish the infant brand’s overall quality proposition. In an overwhelmingly unregulated market, This Earthmed’s early standards spark promise more outfits could adopt to let CBD’s therapeutic potential shine responsibly.