The CBD gummy space grows more saturated by the day. With so many products making big claims, it’s tough determining quality options. One increasingly visible brand is This Greenvibe and their lineup of organic full spectrum CBD gummies. Backed by a mission of sustainability and transparency, This Greenvibe touts rigorous production values for superior results.

But between sketchy operators and overblown marketing run amok, claims require scrutiny. This thorough Greenvibe CBD gummies review will analyze all facets shaping legitimacy and performance. Critical focus areas include hemp sourcing, formula design, manufacturing practices and independent testing. Customer feedback also factors heavily in concluding real-world effectiveness.

Grasping fundamentals first allows assessing if This Greenvibe gummies justify the present buzz and rising sales.

Overview of This Greenvibe CBD Gummies & Ingredients

This Greenvibe CBD offers three main gummy products each with the shared goal of general wellness through whole plant formulas:

1. Original Full Spectrum Gummies – Either 25 or 50mg CBD per piece with minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBDv etc.), terpenes and flavonoids retaining hemp’s “entourage effect”

2. Sleep Gummies – 30 or 50mg CBD paired with melatonin (3mg) and relaxing herbs like chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm

3. Recovery Gummies – 30 or 50mg CBD plus ginger, turmeric, black pepper to combat inflammation and support joint/muscle function

Every bottle carries 30 gummies with natural fruit flavors. But the pivotal distinction is This Greenvibe’s dedication to full spectrum CBD retaining central terpenes and minor cannabinoidsamplifying effects. They also emphasize ethically-sourced organic hemp for maximum safety and potency.

Examining those supply chain inputs and processing controls determines This Greenvibe’s true caliber.

Hemp Sourcing & Extraction Breakdown

Perhaps no domain demands more rigorous evaluation when assessing CBD than the supply chain enabling finished products. This includes hemp sourcing techniques, farming standards and cannabinoid extraction methods. Reputable providers devote tremendous energy guaranteeing pristine inputs while conveying transparency.

This Greenvibe checks both boxes, spotlighting Kentucky-based American hemp farms under certified USDA Organic regulations for non-GMO plants untouched by pesticides or heavy metals. Their website even tours partnered family-owned homesteads and specialty cultivars high in desired cannabinoids.

Additionally, This Greenvibe extracts CBD and other phytochemicals solely using supercritical CO2 or food-grade ethanol. These gentle, regulated processes pull complete profiles without introducing contaminants. The attention and care toward American farm-level inputs demonstrates This Greenvibe’s commitment to purity.

And as always, finished products undergo independent laboratory testing with public-facing certificates of analysis (COAs). But first addressing their manufacturing methodology better predicts those end results.

Production & Quality Control Breakdown

Starting with exceptional American hemp means little without proper stewarding through manufacturing. This phase proves critical in maintaining cannabinoid integrity, formula accuracy and base safety standards in preparation for sale.

Here as well This Greenvibe exercises maximum transparency in detailing their U.S.-based production facility’s workings. Their GMP-registered building houses end-to-end manufacturing flowing from raw hemp materials through proprietary CBD distillate infusion into gummy recipes and packaging.

They then conduct in-house tests checking CBD potency aligns to stated targets before sending finished gummies to external labs confirming purity and compliance. This overt visibility including current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) status demonstrates systematic quality control most CBD brands lack.

It verifies This Greenvibe walks the walk on exacting inputs and oversight driving legitimacy and by extension, final product performance.

Formula Design Breakdown

While hemp and baseline processing anchor any CBD brand, proprietary recipes and intended uses also sway appraisals. Market-standouts think carefully about added ingredients or formatting based on individual goals. This context applies uniquely to This Greenvibe’s tailored gummy offerings.

Their foundational full spectrum gummies promote general wellness by retaining CBD alongside central terpenes and minor hemp cannabinoids (CBG, CBDv etc.) lost in broad spectrum processing. This honors the “entourage effect” heightening therapeutic potential through interconnected activity.

Sleep and recovery gummies build upon that full spectrum base through added sleep supplements like melatonin and chamomile or joint-comfort compounds like ginger, turmeric and black pepper. The choices showcase aligned formulation efforts toward targeted wellness.

This Greenvibe also offers both 30 and 50mg CBD strengths accommodating lighter or more pronounced supplemental preferences. The options indicate carefully grounded products despite the newness. But do third-party tests confirm recipe designs through unbiased results?

Independent Lab Testing Overview

The lone route toward 100% certainty on label accuracy and contaminant absence goes through independent testing. This Greenvibe posts recent certificates of analysis (COAs) reaffirming their internal quality checks at every stage.

An external ISO-compliant laboratory validates full spectrum CBD gummy batches for:

  • Accurate CBD quantities mirroring label claims
  • THC content below 0.3% meeting regulations
  • Non-detected solvents, heavy metals and pesticides
  • General purity and performance substances

The clean tests verify This Greenvibe’s formula integrity alongside systemic production controls. With quality inputs and oversight now addressed, evaluating real-world reception becomes pivotal.

Customer Reviews & Reception Breakdown

Transitioning from technical measures to actual customer appraisals helps conclude pragmatic product effectiveness. In market scarcely three years, online reviews of This Greenvibe lean extremely positive among trial users and CBD veterans alike.

Many praise their organically-grown domestic hemp and full spectrum CBD capturing flowers’ full essence in a tasty package. First-timers relay finding the gummies gentle with no harsh reactions. And devotees describe the formula as potent for combating pain, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Critiques mostly highlight expensive pricing compared to more established brands with higher consumer familiarity. Otherwise, feedback affirms quality aligning with production principles. By meeting stricter guidelines consumers now demand, This Greenvibe makes a compelling entrance.

Cost Breakdown

This Greenvibe CBD’s biggest impediment seems its price point landing well above category averages. Their investment grade inputs like USDA organic hemp plus advanced manufacturing undoubtedly feed overhead. And boutique brands catering to discerning audiences justify higher pricing through accountability ‘from seed to shelf.’ Still, the costs may frustrate casual or first-time buyers even understanding steeper reasons why.

Pros vs Cons Breakdown

Tallying core dimensions conveying quality lends clarity to This Greenvibe CBD’s value proposition:


*Sustainably-raised USDA Organic American hemp *GMP-registered U.S-based manufacturing facility *Full spectrum CBD capturing ‘entourage effect’ *Added sleep and recovery formulas using evidence-backed ingredients *COAs verify potency, compliance and purity


*Pricing exceeds much of CBD gummy market *Lacks assistance programs for veterans/lower incomes *Mediocre subscription discounting compared to rivals

Weighing those attributes clearly shows This Greenvibe excelling in arguably every meaningful measure of inputs, process controls and transparency. Any critique of costs makes sense given boutique organic ingredients commanding premium pricing. But reasonable deals through monthly plans could widen access.

Final Verdict – Worth Buying This Greenvibe CBD Gummies?

Landing a strong recommendation comes with acknowledging product segments and pricing realities. As a burgeoning organic CBD gummy company, This Greenvibe sets admirable benchmarks for accountability practices too few competitors meet. Their robust results back up marketing claims rooted in certified domestic farming and manufacturing visibility.

Still, fairness compels conceding their boutique cost profile limiting household affordability despite similarly positioned brands. This arguably trades off against small batch quality control and a dedication to Full spectrum CBD capturing hemp’s complete power at peak capacity.

In the end weighing those factors falls to individual budgets and desired formats. But for organic CBD gummy shoppers prioritizing responsible transparency, This Greenvibe sets an elevated bar on overall quality worth moderate premiums. They epitomize an emerging class of cannabis wellness company honoring the plant and people through accountability from dirt to shelf.


In an overwhelmingly saturated CBD gummy market filled with ambiguity and hype, This Greenvibe’s early standards spark promise more outfits could adopt to let CBD’s therapeutic potential shine responsibly. Their organic formulations deliver noticeable impacts with expected premium pricing attached. While room for improvement exists expanding discounts or assistance programs, the young brand sets itself apart via obsessive seed-to-sale transparency and U.S-based processing controls. For CBD supporters focused on conscious consumption, This Greenvibe lives