Edible mushrooms have seen a major boom in recent years. What started as a niche health product has evolved into a full-fledged commercial industry, with various companies offering their own takes on shroom edibles. One particularly popular product that has emerged is This Shroomies gummies – billed as a convenient and tasty way to get functional mushrooms into your diet.

An Introduction to Functional Mushrooms and Their Purported Benefits

Functional mushrooms like lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi and turkey tail have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine traditions. Modern research has started uncovering compelling evidence for some of their touted benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Energy and stamina improvement
  • Brain health and cognitive functioning optimization
  • Antioxidant properties to fight free radicals
  • Potential disease-fighting abilities

Additionally, the nutrients in edible mushrooms may confer positive effects:

  • B vitamins for metabolic and nervous system support
  • Potassium for heart health and muscle function
  • Copper, selenium and zinc for immune health
  • Unique antioxidants like ergothioneine

The potential upsides have prompted growing interest in mushroom supplementation. And This Shroomies gummies aim to capitalize on that demand in a beginner-friendly format.

This Shroomies Gummies – Tapping into Market Interest With a Convenient Edible

This Shroomies is a family-owned functional mushroom company seeking to expand access to shroom supplements. Their star offering is a vegan CBD + Reishi gummy packing a punch of mushrooms.

Specifically, each gummy contains lion’s mane, cordyceps, red reishi, turkey tail and shiitake mushrooms along with cannabinoids. This combination targets various aspects of health:

  • Lion’s mane for cognition
  • Cordyceps for energy
  • Reishi, turkey tail and shiitake for immune support
  • CBD isolate for calming effects

The goal is providing a balanced blend to unlock “nature’s gifts in every bite.” And the appeal for consumers is clear:

  • No mushroom taste – making edible mushrooms actually edible
  • Portable while traveling
  • Straightforward dosing with no prep needed
  • A tasty treat in addition to functional benefits

Early reception indicates This Shroomies is onto something big. Their gummies incorporate proven native mushrooms backed by trust in Eastern wellness traditions. The next sections explore the ingredients that make up this accessible functional food.

Lion’s Mane – The “Smart Mushroom” for Nerves and Focus

Of all the fungi in This Shroomies gummies, lion’s mane shines for mental boosts. This shaggy mushroom has extensive ties to cognitive health rooted in both tradition and modern neuroscience.

Studies on rodents demonstrate lion’s mane extracts aid memory retention, spatial reasoning and object recognition. The compounds hericenones and erinacines show particular promise – they stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF). This protein regulates neuron health throughout life to prevent dementia onset.

Human trials display faster reflexes, better concentration, reduced anxiety and improvements in mild cognitive issues among lion’s mane takers. It’s this data underpinning marketing claims of lion’s mane as a “smart mushroom.”

The bioactive profile also tempers inflammatory responses by limiting cytokine release. This networked effect on mind and body drives lion’s mane’s popularity as the top nootropic fungus. And This Shroomies harnesses that brain-bolstering potential in their gummies.

Cordyceps – The Adaptogen Mushroom for Physical Vitality

If lion’s mane primarily supports mental acuity, cordyceps lifts physical vitality. Traditional Chinese Medicine has utilized the caterpillar fungus for centuries as an adaptogen herbalist believe enhances the body’s adaptive capacity to various stressors.

Modern examinations reveal cordyceps upholds whole-body homeostasis. The fungal metabolites cordycepin and cordymin modulate biochemical pathways governing inflammation, oxidation and insulin sensitivity. Simultaneously they augment mitochondria to spur ATP energy production.

The overall impact is resisting fatigue by regulating systems tied to stamina and resilience. Human trials on older adults link cordyceps to better air intake, quicker recovery during exercise and enhanced quality of life versus placebos. Extract potency appears vital to benefits though.

By incorporating decent cordyceps concentrations, This Shroomies gummies may support vitality on both a cellular and systemic level. The potential is there to counter inflammation’s drain on energy reserves while combating physical or emotional stress episodes.

Reishi – The “Mushroom of Immortality” to Calm and Restore

In This Shroomies’ name itself lies their third functional fungus – reishi. Called lingzhi in Chinese and assigned supernatural skills, reishi boasts one of the longest medicinal histories globally. Traditional claims of reishi Mushrooms abound – from boosting spirit wisdom to achieving immortality.

Modern evidence confirms certain legendary effects. Reishi demonstrates adaptogenic traits much like cordyceps that stabilize physiological processes. The triterpenoids and polysaccharides it produces modulate immunity partly by reacting to nuclear factor-kB – essentially the immune system’s command center.

Through coordinated signaling, reishi seems to alternate the body between responsive and suppressed immune states. This regulation prevents excessive inflammation while still allowing pathogen-fighting. Mirroring ancient labels like “mushroom of immortality,” reishi intake consistently associates with lower disease mortality in population-level data.

Beyond immunity, reishi promotes calmness and better sleep through multiple mechanisms like:

  • Stimulating GABA neurotransmitter for relaxation
  • Limiting cortisol and adrenaline stress hormones
  • Regulating excitatory glutamate activity
  • Lowering blood pressure and heart rate

Layering these actions explains reishi’s effectiveness as therapy for anxiety and insomnia. By contributing to overall balance like an adaptogen, the red mushroom lives up to legendary expectations.

Turkey Tail & Shiitake – Extra Immune Mushrooms

To build upon reishi as the primary immune activator, This Shroomies adds turkey tail and shiitake mushrooms. These edible fungi have related but distinct bioactive actions for resistance.

Like reishi, turkey tail produces polysaccharide-K – a bound sugar that enhances immune coordination and response. Human trials find it triggers nk cell activity along with antibody-driven effects by B cells and T cells. This promotes direct targeting of pathogens plus long-term immune memory against recurrence.

Shiitake contains all eight essential amino acids making up our structural proteins and enzymes. Among them are lysine and arginine which enable collagen production and feed immune cell function. Shiitake’s lentinan sugars also spur macrophage scavenging and secretion of interleukin cytokines that mediate immunity.

Together turkey tail and shiitake generate a mosaic of responses from cellular proliferation to antibody deployment that bolsters systemic immunity. Combining their actions with reishi makes This Shroomies gummies a potential triple-threat for defense through various immune components.

CBD Isolate – Final Touch of Calm From Cannabinoids

This Shroomies finishes off their formulation with CBD isolate for a calming touch. As legal access to cannabis widens many are turning to non-psychoactive CBD for relaxation without highs. The appeal stems from CBD’s interplay with our native endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Distributed across the body, ECS receptors and neurotransmitters handle pain, appetite, mood and cognitive states. Introducing plant CBD sparks similar downstream effects to our endorphin-like endocannabinoids. Outcomes can include easier stress relief, sounder sleep quality and tempered anxiety levels.

While functional mushrooms offer similar ECS modulation, combining botanical CBD may boost effectiveness through a synergistic “entourage effect.” Early evidence backs up this concept – finding fuller benefits together over solo CBD or individual mushrooms. By rounding out their gummy with CBD isolates, This Shroomies provides added calm alongside shroom power.

Tapping the Potential of Functional Fungi

In designing their signature gummy blend This Shroomies brings five stalwart mushrooms together with CBD into a convenient daily edible. Each component has traditional backing and modern science supporting wellness advantages that may integrate and accumulate.

The lineup combines to target brain health, physical performance, immune function and general resilience simultaneously. Users thus get dietary mushroom supplementation in a way modern lifestyles demand – fast, efficient and travel-ready.

As research on compounds like adaptogens continues to build, functional mushrooms are transitioning from folk therapies to rigorous evidence. And edible delivery methods are leading that charge in both fun and serious ways. Though still an emerging field, the horizons look bright for products like This Shroomies gummies to deliver ancient medicines with a modern twist.


This Shroomies gummies provide an intriguing new method to consume functional mushrooms as part of balanced nutrition and wellness. Their blend of lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, shiitake and CBD isolates aims at multi-point benefits from cognition to immunity to managing stress.