Let’s all take a DEEP breath. Breathe IN……Breathe OUT…We all know there is chaos with this pandemic and we just need to take the time to slow down in our lives and focus on our health and the safety and health of others.

Self-quarantined or prepping for it? Maybe you still have to go into work but afterwards you’re doing your best to stay at home. To the best of our ability, social distancing is in all our best interests if we’re able to do so. It’s the most important responsibility we have right now. Call and check in on your neighbors and the elderly. Maybe they have something you need, or you have something they need. You can drop it off on their porch if necessary. Help each other out. Miss your friends or family? Setup a Google Hangout or Facetime for some virtual social interaction.

We wanted to share some quick tips with you to help you stay sane and healthy during this outbreak.


While stocking up, don’t panic and more importantly, don’t be a hoarder. Let’s be mindful and respectful of others during this time. Take what you need to get you through two weeks, that’s the max time recommended to stock up for. Keep in mind of your neighbors and others who might be in need when you’re debating on how many of each item to put in your cart.


If you can’t get your hands on your favorite or go-to cleaning supplies, below we’ve shared a few alternate options for disinfectant cleaners that you might already have around the house:

  • Good ole-fashioned solutions with at least 70% alcohol.
  • Bleach Solution [1/3 cup bleach + 1 gallon of water] – wear disposable gloves when handling**
  • Disinfecting sprays and wipes – wipe down your house from counter tops to light switches and remotes. TIP: Let the surfaces stay wet and air dry to kill the germs.

Here are the top five whole foods and pantry essentials nutritionist Joy Bauer shared on the Today Show.

  1. Leafy greens – spinach, kale and swiss char. They come fresh or frozen. Add a handful to your smoothies, sauté them with olive oil and garlic (2 other immune boosters????), or wilt a bunch and add to a soup!
  2. Bell Peppers – rich in vitamin C, season, grill or roast in oven, or slice them up, eat them raw and/or enjoy with hummus or salsa. You can also add them to your favorite omelette (use pasture-fed or omega-3 enriched eggs, an ECS booster we mentioned in ECS Foods for Success blog here –> Foods for ECS Success).
  3. Strawberries – THE berry of choice when it comes to immune boosting vitamin C. They also come fresh or frozen.
  4. Mangoes – the one stop shop for vitamin C and Beta-carotene. Available fresh or frozen. Try this immune boosting smoothie or treat > Mangos + ginger and cashews (all have immune boosting properties).
  5. Mushrooms – all the mushrooms have all the anti-viral compounds. Add them to your frozen pizzas (if you added those to your cart), sauté them with garlic, or add to your favorite pasta! Available fresh and canned.
  1. Beans & Lentils – canned or dry (canned will be a quicker fix) loaded in plant-based protein and fiber
  2. Nut and seed butters – loaded in protein, fiber and healthy fats
  3. Oats – need we say more?
  4. Whole grain pasta & canned tomatoes – what can’t you make pasta with?
  5. Canned fish – sardines, salmon and tuna!

Don’t forget your pets! They need healthy food too – and in case you need some healthy all natural treats for your pup, shop our Unruffled bites here.

  • CBD is a great option to have on hand for preventive measures and to continue to keep your ECS functioning properly. We recommend our Genesis Blend Original Strength, click here to shop. Curious as to the role the ECS System plays in your immune system and what happens when there’s a deficiency? Click to here for more info on Endocannabinoid System deficiency.
  • Also physicians are recommending to keep on hand fever reducers and common cold medicines that work for you.

TIP: Be sure to check the expiration dates of the on-hand medicines in your cabinets!

  • Not seeing foods or toilet papers on the shelves? Best time to shop is early in the day when the shelves are freshly restocked.
  • Be mindful of adjusted store hours for the elderly and early closing times.
  • If you’re looking for toilet paper, don’t forget that office supply stores often carry toilet paper too.

It’s ok to put your phone down sometimes. News reporters will be reporting 24/7 – so it’s ok to take a break from watching that too. Let’s treat cabin fever with books and games, and if you’re quarantined with a friend or loved one, try to pay more attention to them, and more importantly enjoy your time with them. Make the best of whatever the situation is you’re in.

Take up coloring (it’s a good stress reliever and mood booster – science says so). Take a nap if you want to and try and stick to your normal sleep schedule. Sleep is super important to your physical and mental health.

Keep a positive outlook, don’t let fear consume you. If you’re not vulnerable, go outside for a walk and enjoy nature. Also, check the social media accounts or websites of your favorite workout spots – many are offering workouts you can do at home. Don’t forget to drink lots of water.

Final words of advice… Wash your hands – with good-ole soap and water and the sing the entire ABC’s while you do it. We hope that’s something that’s already factored into your daily routine, but in case it isn’t – it should be. Try our hemp seed oil or CBD salt soaps! They are naturally anti-bacterial.

Oh yeah – and be kind, we’re all human and are all going through it right now, some worse than others. Stay healthy, friends!