full spectrum living with CBD


After 5+ years in the CBD business, we are thrilled to announce we launched a CBD podcast – Full Spectrum Living with CBD. On this, the inaugural episode, we’re exploring how two of our co-hosts were led to CBD, how it transformed their lives as well as answering questions and clearing up the confusion regarding CBD and CBD benefits, including:

  1. Who’s a good candidate for CBD?
  2. What side benefits CBD offers to people?
  3. How CBD helps with disease prevention.
  4. What is the difference between marijuana, CBD and hemp? Is there a difference?


Adriane Polyniak’s son quickly progressed from one seizure to hundreds in the weeks following. Afterward, they went on a journey of many different medications that led to a host of major health and behavioral consequences. That led them to explore CBD and today he’s a seizure-free and pharmaceutical-free teenager.

Jessica Charles, too, had a personal story. Her sister-in-law experienced debilitating rages. After a litany of pharmaceuticals, she too, found CBD oil and her sister-n-law now recognizes cause and effect, is excelling in school, and living her best life.

If you’re curious about CBD, this episode is for you. Maybe you want to know more but aren’t sure what information to trust. Our goal is to educate and demystify hemp and CBD so you can reap the benefits of this amazing natural remedy.

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