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Exploring The History, Quality, And Community Involvement Of Kentucky Cannabis Company: Products, Sustainability, Awards, And More!

Kentucky Cannabis Company is a locally-owned Kentucky business headquartered in Midway, KY, that has been making waves in the hemp industry since its inception in 2013. Founded to advocate for the legalization of hemp in Kentucky, the company has become a leader in researching and developing non-intoxicating cannabis products.

With a commitment to quality and community involvement, the Kentucky Cannabis Company has won numerous awards for its dedication to natural relief and healing. This article will explore the history, quality, and community involvement of the Kentucky Cannabis Company.

We will delve into their mission and values and highlight their products, sustainability efforts, awards received, customer reviews, and testimonials. Additionally, we will examine employment opportunities at Kentucky Cannabis Company and discuss their plans for future growth.

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Whether you are a consumer interested in non-intoxicating cannabis products or simply curious about this innovative company’s story, this article will provide an informative overview of everything you need to know about the Kentucky Cannabis Company.

Key Takeaways

  • Kentucky Cannabis Company is a family-owned business that advocates for the therapeutic properties of cannabis and was founded in 2014.
  • They focus on non-intoxicating and medical cannabis, grow wide CBD American hemp varieties, and are committed to researching and developing products that provide natural relief and healing.
  • Kentucky Cannabis Company is passionate about its mission to provide its customers with the highest quality hemp products. It is dedicated to being a trusted source for consumers looking for high-quality, reliable hemp products.
  • They believe in the power of plant medicine and the potential of hemp to revolutionize how we treat medical conditions. They are dedicated to advocating for the safe and responsible use of cannabis and educating the public about the benefits of hemp-derived products.

History of Kentucky Cannabis Company

The history of the Kentucky Cannabis Company dates back to 2013 when the company’s founders advocated for the legalization of hemp in Kentucky for their son with epilepsy. After Senate Bill 50 passed in Kentucky that same year, creating a pilot program for hemp research and cultivation, the founders were awarded a pilot program for CBD research and production under the Federal Farm Bill of 2014. This allowed them to become one of the original six to legally cultivate hemp in Kentucky, making them pioneers in the industry.

The impact of CBD on epilepsy was significant for the founder’s son, who had been diagnosed with Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy in 2009. The addition of CBD helped him successfully wean off pharmaceuticals and become seizure-free by 2014. However, producing high-quality CBD products come with its own set of challenges. The stigma surrounding cannabis at the time made it difficult for parents like those at Kentucky Cannabis Company to access quality products for their children.

Despite these challenges, the Kentucky Cannabis Company remained committed to providing natural relief and healing through plant medicine. They were also dedicated to advocating for the safe and responsible use of cannabis while educating people about its benefits. In 2016, they opened the first-ever CBD-only retail store Bluegrass Hemp Oil, in Kentucky and continued their innovative efforts by creating all-natural products infused with CBD.

Kentucky Cannabis Company’s early advocacy efforts led them to become a vertically-integrated family-owned business now dedicated to bettering the hemp industry through advanced research and development techniques. Through innovation and growth within the industry, they have remained true to their mission and values by producing only high-quality products that are reliable sources for consumers looking for natural relief solutions.

Moving forward into our next discussion topic about ‘mission and values,’ it is essential to understand how these principles guide every aspect of operations at Kentucky Cannabis Company.

Mission and Values of Kentucky Cannabis Company

Kentucky Cannabis Company’s mission and values prioritize the therapeutic properties of cannabis, advocating for safe and responsible use while educating the public on the potential benefits of hemp-derived products. Their advocacy efforts aim to promote plant medicine as a viable alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals. They believe cannabis has great potential to revolutionize how we treat medical conditions, including epilepsy.

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The company is dedicated to ensuring its customers receive high-quality, reliable hemp products. They have invested heavily in research and development to ensure that their products are produced with advanced extraction and production techniques. Their commitment to quality is reflected in their focus on non-intoxicating cannabis varieties with high levels of CBD.

Kentucky Cannabis Company is passionate about its mission to provide natural relief and healing through hemp-derived products.

In addition to providing high-quality hemp products, the Kentucky Cannabis Company also advocates for responsible cannabis use. They believe that it is essential to educate the public on how best to use cannabis safely and responsibly without adverse effects or abuse. The company filed Shauna’s Law in 2019, which allows state employees to consume full-spectrum CBD products without fear of termination.

Follow the link to learn more about Shauna’s Law.

Overall, the Kentucky Cannabis Company strongly emphasizes advocacy efforts, therapeutic properties of cannabis, and responsible cannabis use while delivering high-quality hemp products. In the next section, we will explore some specific offerings from Kentucky Cannabis Company that reflect these values.

Products Offered by Kentucky Cannabis Company

One of the offerings from the Kentucky Cannabis Company includes a variety of non-intoxicating cannabis products with high levels of CBD, emphasizing their commitment to providing natural relief and healing. They grow only high CBD hemp varieties to ensure that their products effectively relieve symptoms without causing intoxication. Their product line includes full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, extracted using advanced techniques for maximum potency and purity. Kentucky Cannabis Company complies with Kentucky cannabis laws.  

Review the Kentucky Cannabis Laws 

In addition, they also create all-natural, CBD-infused pet products that have gained recognition in the industry. The company’s dedication to research and development ensures their products are of the highest quality. They invest heavily in finding new ways to extract CBD while preserving its therapeutic properties. This results in highly effective products that provide natural relief and healing for various medical conditions. The company’s focus on non-intoxicating cannabis further underscores their commitment to providing safe options for those seeking alternative treatments.

Kentucky Cannabis Company’s reputation as a trusted source of reliable hemp products is well-established, thanks partly to their many industry awards and recognitions. Their Unruffled Pet Oil won second place in the High Times Hemp Cup in 2021, an accolade showcasing the quality of their pet-focused and human-focused lines. Additionally, they have won multiple Herald Leader People’s Choice Awards for Best CBD Company and Best CBD Product over several years.

Kentucky Cannabis Company offers a range of high-quality hemp-derived products to provide natural relief and healing for various medical conditions. Their focus on non-intoxicating cannabis ensures safety while delivering maximum benefits without causing psychoactive effects. The exceptional quality of their offerings has been recognized through many industry awards over several years.

Up next: Quality Control and Testing Procedures at Kentucky Cannabis Company… …which ensure that all products are free from contaminants and meet strict quality standards before making them available to consumers. The company uses third-party testing to verify the potency and purity of its products, and they also employ rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure consistency and reliability. This commitment to quality and safety sets Kentucky Cannabis Company apart in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Quality Control and Testing Procedures at Kentucky Cannabis Company

Implementing stringent quality control measures and third-party testing procedures to ensure purity and potency, Kentucky Cannabis Company has established itself as a leader in the cannabis industry by going above and beyond to ensure its products meet the highest standards. They understand that consumers need to have confidence in the products they purchase, especially regarding plant-based medicine.

To achieve this, the Kentucky Cannabis Company uses only American-grown hemp varieties carefully cultivated with organic practices. Additionally, their products undergo rigorous testing before being released for sale.

Third-party verification is crucial to Kentucky Cannabis Company’s quality control process. All of their products are tested by independent labs to verify potency levels and ensure they are free from contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. This level of transparency provides customers with peace of mind knowing that they can trust the safety and consistency of Kentucky Cannabis Company’s products.

Product consistency is another crucial area where Kentucky Cannabis Company excels. They use state-of-the-art extraction methods to produce consistent batches every time, ensuring that customers receive high-quality CBD oil with each purchase. By controlling the entire production process from seed to shelf, they can guarantee product quality and maintain their reputation as a trusted source for reliable hemp-derived products.

Kentucky Cannabis Company takes immense pride in producing high-quality hemp-derived products for its customers while adhering to strict quality control measures and third-party testing protocols. Their commitment to transparency allows them to provide safe CBD oil and build trust among customers who seek natural relief options without any adverse side effects.

Next up we will explore sustainability efforts made by Kentucky Cannabis Company in detail!

Bluegrass Hemp Oil poster of Kentucky Cannabis products

Sustainability Efforts of Kentucky Cannabis Company

By prioritizing sustainable practices in their farming and manufacturing processes, the Kentucky Cannabis Company is demonstrating their commitment to producing high-quality products and protecting the environment for future generations.

The company has taken significant steps towards sustainability by implementing renewable energy sources such as solar panels and utilizing regenerative farming techniques that promote soil health.

Additionally, they have reduced waste through composting and recycling programs.

The Kentucky Cannabis Company has also made efforts to engage with the community in promoting environmental sustainability.

They have partnered with local farmers who cultivate high-CBD hemp using sustainable methods, further supporting a more sustainable agricultural industry in Kentucky.

Furthermore, they have initiated community outreach programs that educate individuals on cannabis issues and advocate for responsible use of natural resources.

In addition to these efforts towards sustainability, the company values transparency by providing customers access to information about their production processes and testing results.

By doing so, they are increasing awareness about sustainable practices within the industry while ensuring customers receive top-quality products.

Overall, the Kentucky Cannabis Company’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond meeting legal requirements; it is a part of their core values as a business.

Through their adoption of renewable energy sources and regenerative farming techniques, reduction of waste through composting/recycling programs, support of local farmers cultivating sustainably grown hemp varieties, community outreach initiatives educating others on environmentally friendly practices – all while maintaining transparency in production/testing results – they are setting an example for other businesses within this industry.

Moving forward into the subsequent section about ‘community involvement and support by Kentucky Cannabis Company’, it is clear that this dedication extends beyond just environmental concerns but also encompasses social responsibility.

Community Involvement and Support by Kentucky Cannabis Company

The Kentucky Cannabis Company has demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by engaging with the community through various initiatives and partnerships. They are dedicated to advocating for the safe and responsible use of cannabis, educating the public about the benefits of hemp-derived products, and supporting philanthropic causes. The company is actively involved in community outreach programs that promote sustainable farming practices, environmental conservation, and economic development.

One of their most significant advocacy efforts was filing Shauna’s Law in 2019. This legislation was a first-of-its-kind initiative that allowed state employees to consume full-spectrum CBD products without fear of termination. They also launched a program exclusively for wholesale support to local farmers cultivating high-CBD hemp in Kentucky. These initiatives demonstrate their commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture while providing farmers with an additional source of income.

In addition to these efforts, they have partnered with Oven Art to create all-natural CBD-infused pet products like Unruffled Pet Oil which won 2nd place in the High Times Hemp Cup in 2021. They have also won multiple herald leader people’s choice awards for Best CBD Company and Best CBD Product for three years from 2019-2021. Their dedication towards delivering quality hemp products is evident through their participation in numerous events and initiatives both locally and nationally.

Awards and Recognitions Received by Kentucky Cannabis Company

Kentucky Cannabis Company has been recognized for their excellence in the hemp industry, winning multiple Herald Leader People’s Choice Awards for Best CBD Company and Best CBD Product for three consecutive years from 2019-2021. These awards testify to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality products that provide natural relief and healing.

The recognition received by Kentucky Cannabis Company has helped solidify their position as one of the most respected players in the hemp industry. The impact of these awards goes beyond just recognizing Kentucky Cannabis Company’s accomplishments. It highlights the growing importance of hemp-derived products in today’s world and how companies like Kentucky Cannabis Company are leading the charge in this area.

As they move forward, Kentucky Cannabis Company remains focused on developing new products and techniques that can help improve people’s lives while sustaining their commitment to quality. Looking ahead, Kentucky Cannabis Company is committed to making an even greater impact on the hemp industry and society. They plan on continuing their research into new products while also expanding their operations to reach more people across the country.

Their dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility will remain at the forefront of all future endeavors. Industry recognition is essential for any company looking to succeed in today’s business landscape. Kentucky Cannabis Company has achieved this through their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and community involvement.

With numerous accolades already under their belt, it will be exciting to see what new heights they will reach in the coming years. Customer reviews and testimonials of Kentucky Cannabis Company and Bluegrass Hemp Oil the retail outlet, will further highlight why they have won so many awards.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials of Kentucky Cannabis Company

Customer reviews and testimonials are powerful evidence of the efficacy and quality of Kentucky Cannabis Company’s non-intoxicating, high CBD hemp products in providing natural relief and healing for various medical conditions. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the effectiveness of the products in managing symptoms such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, and seizures. Users have reported experiencing a sense of calmness, relaxation, and improved sleep quality after using the CBD oil. The positive feedback from customers indicates that Kentucky Cannabis Company is delivering on its promise to provide high-quality hemp-derived products.

The user experiences shared by customers highlight the importance of carefully selecting reliable sources for CBD products. Many customers have tried other brands but found that Kentucky Cannabis Company’s offerings are superior in potency, purity, and consistency. Customers appreciate the transparency around third-party lab testing results provided by Kentucky Cannabis Company to ensure product safety and quality control. Overall, customer satisfaction with these products has led many to continue supporting this family-owned business.

In addition to providing effective remedies for medical conditions, Kentucky Cannabis Company has fostered a community centered around advocacy for safe cannabis use. Customers leave glowing reviews about their positive interactions with staff members who offer personalized recommendations based on individual needs. Users appreciate being part of a movement towards alternative medicines prioritizing natural ingredients over harsh pharmaceuticals. By prioritizing customer service while producing high-quality CBD oil, Kentucky Cannabis Company has created a loyal following among those seeking holistic solutions.

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Kentucky Cannabis Company’s commitment to sustainability practices further solidifies their reputation as an ethical company dedicated to improving lives through plant-based medicine. They utilize regenerative farming techniques that promote soil health without relying on harmful chemicals or pesticides commonly used in traditional agriculture. This approach not only benefits customers who seek clean hemp-derived products but also supports local farmers in their pursuit of sustainable livelihoods. Overall, customer reviews demonstrate that Kentucky Cannabis Company is focused on offering effective remedies, creating a supportive community, and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about employment opportunities at Kentucky Cannabis Company, their commitment to community involvement is further exemplified in their hiring practices.

Employment Opportunities at Kentucky Cannabis Company

Prospective employees seeking opportunities in the hemp industry can find various job openings at Kentucky Cannabis Company. As a vertically-integrated, family-owned business that prioritizes sustainable farming practices and advocates for safe and responsible cannabis use, they offer a unique work environment for those passionate about plant medicine.

The hiring process includes submitting an application online and conducting multiple interviews before being offered a position. Kentucky Cannabis Company prides itself on providing employee benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. They also offer professional development and training opportunities to ensure their employees have the necessary skills to succeed in the industry.

With a focus on community involvement and bettering the hemp industry, Kentucky Cannabis Company is an ideal workplace for those seeking to make a difference. As the hemp industry continues to grow, Kentucky Cannabis Company has plans for future expansion. They aim to increase their product offerings while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and quality.

In addition, they plan to continue advocating for safe and responsible cannabis use while educating the public about the benefits of hemp-derived products. Working at Kentucky Cannabis Company provides employment opportunities and a chance to be part of a larger movement towards natural healing with plant medicine.

Job seekers interested in working in the hemp industry should consider applying for positions at Kentucky Cannabis Company. Their commitment to sustainable farming practices, community involvement, employee benefits, and advocacy makes them an attractive employer in this growing field. Looking ahead, Kentucky Cannabis Company has exciting plans for growth that present even more opportunities for employees looking to make an impact in this dynamic industry.

Future Plans and Growth of Kentucky Cannabis Company

As Kentucky Cannabis Company continues to grow and expand, they have exciting plans. With a focus on sustainability and community involvement, they are committed to providing high-quality products while positively impacting their local community.

One of their main goals is to continue expanding their product line. In addition to their popular full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and all-natural pet products, they are currently working on developing new products that will provide even more natural relief and healing options for their customers. They are dedicated to researching and developing innovative solutions that utilize the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

In addition to expanding their product line, Kentucky Cannabis Company focuses on research initiatives. They believe in the power of plant medicine and are committed to advancing our understanding of how cannabis can be used for medical purposes. Through ongoing research efforts, they hope to uncover new ways that cannabis can be used as a safe and effective treatment option.

Kentucky Cannabis Company is poised for continued growth and success in the years ahead. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and community involvement, they are well-positioned to become a leader in the hemp industry. As they continue to develop new products and advance our understanding of cannabis-based treatments, they will undoubtedly make an even greater impact on the lives of those who use their products.


In conclusion, Kentucky Cannabis Company’s dedication to quality and community involvement has made them a leader in the hemp industry.

Their story began with advocacy for the legalization of hemp in Kentucky for therapeutic purposes, and since then, they have become a trusted source of non-intoxicating cannabis products.