Young girl surrounded by question marks representing Essential Questions to Ask About CBD.

Navigating Your CBD Journey: Essential Questions to Ask About CBD

Embarking on a CBD journey can often raise a plethora of queries. With CBD’s acclaim in alleviating various ailments, it’s crucial to traverse this path with well-informed decisions. The market’s lack of stringent regulations underscores the importance of being a discerning CBD consumer. At Bluegrass Hemp Oil (BHO), a proud subsidiary of Kentucky Cannabis Company, we aim to arm you with vital information ensuring your CBD venture is fruitful and safe. Let’s delve into the crucial questions to ask about CBD when exploring CBD products.

Understanding the Origin: Who Grows Your Hemp?

BHO’s Transparency: Our journey began in 2014, as one of the pioneering licensed hemp cultivators in the nation. We take pride in our proprietary plant genetics known for high cannabinoid content. Our traditional cannabis cultivation practices are tailored to yield CBD-rich blooms, not merely fiber or seeds. Engage in our annual guided tours of our Kentucky farm and witness our commitment to quality and community.

Tracing the Journey: Who Produces Your Extract?

BHO’s Assurance: The essence of a quality CBD product lies in its extraction process. Our artisanal hydrocarbon distillation practice sets us apart in a market flooded with mass-produced CO2 products. Utilizing only the richest part of the plant, the blooms, our method ensures a robust resin sans contaminants. Discover more about our extraction process.

Verifying the Claims: Are Your Products Tested?

BHO’s Rigor: Our products undergo rigorous testing both independently and internally. Through a reputable Spokane lab, Trace Analytics, and our in-house certified testing equipment, we ensure our products are clean and accurately labeled. Delve deeper into our lab testing practices and understand the significance of each test.

Assessing the Impact: Will CBD Help Me?

BHO’s Honesty: While CBD has shown promise in alleviating symptoms like anxiety, depression, and poor sleep, its effectiveness can vary individually. We engage in honest conversations with our customers to help them make well-informed decisions. Explore why you should try CBD and the potential benefits it holds.

As one of the seasoned CBD hemp companies in the nation, BHO, backed by the Kentucky Cannabis Company, emphasizes the need for asking the right questions. Visit us in-store or online, and embark on an informed CBD journey from our farm to your family, encapsulating premium quality straight from the bloom.