Vanilla Lip Balm – 20 mg CBD


Infused with the purity of Bluegrass Hemp Oil, Batch Lip Balm offers unmatched nourishment for lips. Extracted using the superior BHO method, enjoy the synergistic benefits of full-spectrum CBD. Premium quality, third-party lab tested for assurance.

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Batch Lip Balm by Kentucky Cannabis Company: Dive into the world of unmatched lip nourishment with our premium Batch Lip Balm. Made with dedication and precision, this product embodies the essence of the finest Kentucky-grown hemp, processed using the BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction method.

Why Choose Our BHO Extracted Lip Balm?

  • Full-Spectrum Benefits: Unlike isolated CBD products, our lip balm is crafted with full-spectrum CBD oil. This means it contains all naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant, providing a wider range of benefits.
  • Synergistic Effect: The compounds present work in harmony, creating a synergistic effect. This means not only are you getting the advantages of CBD but also the complete blend of terpenes, flavonoids, and other valuable hemp compounds.
  • Superior Extraction: The BHO extraction process we utilize ensures that the cannabinoids remain fat-soluble. Cannabinoids are naturally fat-soluble and altering this nature, as seen in processes like isolation, can dilute their efficacy. By sticking to the BHO method, we ensure potency and effectiveness in our product.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Kentucky Cannabis Company represents the gold standard in CBD product quality. Each batch is third-party lab tested, ensuring purity, potency, and a dedication to excellence. Using hemp grown with organic practices, we aim to provide you with a product that echoes both tradition and quality.

Gift your lips the care they deserve. Indulge in the natural goodness and experience the difference with Batch Lip Balm by Kentucky Cannabis Company."


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