Cannabidiol (CBD) offers a vast range of therapeutic benefits, but not all products deliver. With so many brands making claims but missing the mark on quality, there is a clear need for high standards and transparency in the marketplace. As a pioneering whole-plant wellness company, Sunset Lake CBD sets the gold standard for safety, potency, and overall CBD excellence across its product catalog.

Uncompromising Control Over Hemp Cultivation and Oil Extraction

As seasoned experts in effective CBD formulations, Sunset Lake CBD knows that quality starts from the ground up. The company exerts total control over every stage of production – from proprietary seed genetics cultivated on Sunset Lake Farms to pharmaceutical-grade extraction processes designed to perfectly preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds that make their formulas so uniquely effective.

Central to Sunset Lake CBD’s vertically integrated process is their meticulous attention to detail at harvest time. Sunset Lake Farms carefully plants, tends to, and hand harvests premium hemp crops exclusively for use in Sunset Lake CBD products. The result is CBD oil boasting exceptional cannabinoid and terpene profiles to deliver maximum benefits.

Proprietary Full Spectrum Formulas to Leverage the Entourage Effect

While some brands strip away valuable compounds to produce cheap isolated powders, Sunset Lake CBD specially crafts diverse products to take full advantage of CBD’s entourage effect. This term refers to the synergistic interplay between cannabinoids and terpenes which enhances therapeutic effects compared to isolated CBD alone.

Armed with 15+ years experience working with hemp, Sunset Lake CBD’s expert team skillfully combines premium full spectrum hemp extracts containing CBD, minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and THC along with terpenes like limonene and myrcene into proprietary formulas optimized to promote targeted wellness via various pathways in the body’s native endocannabinoid system.

No other brand offers such a wide array of intelligently crafted, full spectrum products meant to help consumers meet their unique wellness goals. Sunset Lake CBD provides exceptional options ranging from their signature full spectrum CBD tinctures to specialty formulations like the Deep Sleep CBD Capsules or the fast-acting Full Spectrum CBD & CBG Oil.

Rigorous Third Party Testing Upholds Unrivaled Quality and Safety

As staunch proponents for transparency and integrity in the CBD space, Sunset Lake CBD puts every batch of their products through independent, accredited labs to verify no pesticides, heavy metals, microbial contaminants or toxins are present before releasing items to customers. This exceptional commitment to quality, safety, and consistency sets Sunset Lake CBD apart.

Not only do these detailed Certificates of Analysis (COAs) confirm zero harmful contaminants are present, they also report the exact cannabinoid and terpene concentrations to guarantee the labeled potency and validate the full spectrum composition of Sunset Lake CBD extracts. Customers can easily access and review these COAs for insight into the exceptional quality and purity upheld across this brand’s entire catalog.

Crafting Effective CBD through Pharmaceutical Excellence

Sunset Lake CBD operates a state-of-the-art Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) certified production lab to formulate each product. This advanced environment provides unmatched command over crafting premium CBD through pharmaceutical standards.

Within this cutting-edge, American facility, Sunset Lake CBD converts their selectively cultivated full spectrum hemp oil into diverse products using advanced nanoemulsification methods for enhanced bioavailability. This process generates nano-sized CBD particles to maximize absorption compared with standard oil-based formulas.

Additionally, Sunset Lake CBD innovates with pharmaceutical specialists to continually improve product quality and performance for the benefit of consumers. This tireless drive for excellence manifests clearly across Sunset Lake CBD’s lineup.

Sunset Lake CBD Products Nourish Overall Wellbeing

With premium quality and safety perfected, Sunset Lake CBD focuses its full spectrum formulations on supporting consumer health needs through the balancing properties of hemp. Their uniquely effective items provide customizable pathways to nourish wellbeing through various synergies between CBD, minor cannabinoids and terpenes interfacing with the endocannabinoid system.

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures: This flagship formula packs a powerful array of hemp’s most influential compounds to optimize the entourage effect for whole body balance. Available in refreshing natural and peppermint flavors, these tinctures offer customization across four concentrations designed to align with individual wellness goals.

Deep Sleep CBD Capsules: Carefully calibrated ratios of sleep-promoting CBN and CBD are complemented by terpenes like myrcene and linalool in this nighttime formula that may help consumers fall asleep faster and wake more refreshed.

Full Spectrum CBD & CBG Oil: This first-of-its-kind blend unites the powers of CBD and CBG along with a dynamic terpene and cannabinoid profile designed specifically to support relief and comfort.

CBD Body Cream: Combining full spectrum CBD with arnica, ginger, jojoba and other botanicals, this soothing cream harnesses various plant powers to nourish skin and eases muscle and joint discomfort.

While only possible personal experience can reveal individual responses to any CBD regimen, Sunset Lake CBD welcomes people on a journey toward balance. Their exceptional dedication ensures consumers have access to products made the right way, for the right reasons with utmost transparency and care.

Sunset Lake CBD: Living the Commitment to Quality Daily

In an industry often clouded by hype and false claims, Sunset Lake CBD’s uncompromising standards shine as a beacon guiding consumers to make empowered choices for their wellbeing. Every Sunset Lake CBD product stems from immense care dedicated to cultivating hemp intentionally for whole plant benefits backed by total transparency. This is the Sunset Lake CBD difference.

Allow their commitment to enriching lives through the balancing properties of hemp to guide you on your personalized path to wellness.


Through its vertical integration spanning superior hemp cultivation techniques to pharmaceutical-grade production methods for unparalleled quality oversight, Sunset Lake CBD offers one of the most exceptionally crafted and transparently verified selections of full spectrum CBD formulations available. Their expansive product lineup and steadfast commitment to excellence via third party testing and continuous innovation poise Sunset Lake CBD as an industry trailblazer devoted to unlocking and sharing the full potential of hemp for human health and happiness.