CBD gummies rank among the hottest hemp-derived products on shelves today. Their tasty flavors and precise doses take the stress out of using CBD. With so many options on the market however, it helps to have a guide.

Let’s review leading gummy contender Supreme CBD Gummies packing a powerful 300mg punch per bottle. Learn their origin story, main selling points, customer feedback and more to decide if these mighty morsels deserve a place in your wellness regimen.

Brand Background

Californian brand Supreme CBD rose to fame through their passion developing high quality CBD oils sourced from organic American hemp. As product ranges expanded over the last half-decade to include capsules, topicals and edibles, their trademark commitment to purity, potency and transparency stuck.

This family-oriented company prides themselves on leadership advancing consumer protections as regulations evolved. The fact over 85% of sales flow direct from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals testifies to the brand loyalty Supreme built.

Supreme CBD Gummy Features

What exactly makes this brand so beloved? Let’s unpack product details:

Extraction Method

Supreme only uses the supercritical  technique to gently separate CBD molecules from plants, retaining vital terpenes and minor cannabinoids lost through harsh solvent processing. This luxury clean version ensures maximal potency and purity in end products.

USA-Grown Hemp CBD Oil

Sourcing plays a huge role determining eventual effectiveness. All Supreme CBD oil flows from organic hemp vegetation farmed right here in the USA under strict government guidelines for quality.

Independent Lab Testing

Many inferior brands hide behind gummy flavors to mask dirty CBD oil brimming with contaminants. Supreme willingly publishes updated Certificates of Analysis from third party laboratories confirming their safety, composition, shelf stability and legal THC compliance (below 0.3%)

Unique Formula Innovation

Mere sweetness can’t cover for second-rate CBD. Supreme prioritizes premium ingredients alongside therapeutic doses. Their signature CBD infused cubes utilize natural fruit essences for irresistible radiant flavors boosted by metabolism-firing vitamin complexes.

This attention to detail yields award-winning taste and effects with each chew. But does the community agree?

Supreme CBD Gummies Customer Reviews

Supreme built itself into an industry darling based overwhelmingly on customer satisfaction spreading glowing word-of-mouth praise. The brand curates these reviews incentivizing shoppers pre-purchase. Let’s see what actual buyers highlight:

Tastes Great – Fruit flavors burst dicing the usual earthiness. Even kids loves these gourmet treats. The generous coating makes for ultra chewy texture.

  • Fast Acting Relief – Positive impacts emerge within 30-45 minutes easing anxiety, inflammation, discomfort and sleep troubles from nagging conditions like arthritis. The 300mg strength calms severe symptoms.
  • Enhances Focus – Beyond feeling peaceful and relaxed enough for restorative sleep, the gummies deliver mental clarity reducing brain fog for some during day use.
  • Zero High – Customers appreciate getting benefits without any mind-altering impairment from THC. The everyday gummies allow going about business as usual.
  • Great Value – Supreme 300mg packs deliver therapeutic, long lasting relief equivalent to premium capsules for 2/3 the price. At under $1 per serving, the ROI rocks.

Some negatives related to adding more exotic flavors, securing repeat delivery subscriptions and a overly thick chewy texture for denture wearers stood out amongst thousands of raves.

Pros & Cons of Supreme CBD Gummies 300mg

Let’s break down the biggest advantages and drawbacks reported:


  • Delivers robust 300mg dose
  • Leverages highly bioavailable nanoemulsified CBD oil
  • Great fruity flavors like dragon fruit and mango
  • Generally mild side effect profile
  • Lab tested for purity and potency
  • 30 day refund policy


  • Only available directly through company’s website
  • Nano particle size may harm lungs if vaped
  • Gummy texture difficult to chew for some
  • Contains small amount of sugar
  • Effects require consistent use to maximize

Overall Supreme CBD Gummies check all boxes blending safety, efficacy, value and transparency into each irresistible cube.

Supreme CBD Gummies Dosage Guidance

Giant 300mg CBD doses packs quite a punch even for seasoned users. Individual serving is broken down as such:

  • Container holds 30 gummies x 10mg CBD per piece = 300mg total CBD
  • Bite size for beginners = 1⁄4 gummy = 2.5mg CBD
  • Moderate serving for maintenance = 1⁄2 gummy = 5mg CBD
  • Max strength dose per 6 hours = 1 gummy = 10mg CBD

Gauge your initial tolerance starting tiny. Effects manifest within 30-90 minutes. Wait to determine ideal dosage for your body and needs before consuming more. Overdoing it risks fatigue, diarrhea or changes in hunger.

Cost Breakdown

Let’s compare value against competitors. As a reference benchmark, PureKana CBD gummies 300mg retail for $40 per bottle. Supreme wins on pricing:

  • $29 per bottle of 30 gummies
  • $70 for a 3-pack
  • $100 for a 5-pack

Factor in discounts up to 25% for subscribers and Supreme CBD Gummies deliver unmatched affordability from a top shelf brand.

Conclusion – A Supreme Experience Overall

Supreme CBD set the gold standard ensuring gummies as good as the company name suggests. Their dedication optimizing purity and potency shines through from lab reports to lasting effects praised by customers.