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Discover the Enhanced Benefits with Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s New CBD + CBDa Full Spectrum Extract

Introduction: Bluegrass Hemp Oil is elated to herald the advent of our avant-garde CBD + CBDa product, promising a realm of enhanced benefits for our cherished customers. Given the favorable reception and efficacy of our existing full spectrum CBD and CBDa products, we’ve engineered an innovative concoction that stands as a potent alternative for holistic wellness.

Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa: A New Hope

Our Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa Full Spectrum Extract, akin in size and aesthetics to our revered Original and Extra Strength Genesis Blend, heralds a novel era of hemp extracts enriched with CBDa. This formidable duo of CBD and CBDa in our new extract may offer a more potent remedy for those seeking amplified relief.

When to Consider CBD + CBDa

Our seasoned CBD connoisseurs recommend this new blend especially for individuals grappling with severe anxiety, nausea, or those on the mend from infections or illnesses. The complementary benefits of CBD and CBDa could be the succor you need.

CBD vs CBDa: Uncovering the Benefits

The cannabis plant harbors phytocannabinoids in both acidic and neutral forms. While CBD (Cannabidiol) has become a household name, its acidic counterpart, CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid), holds a realm of potential yet to be fully embraced. Unlike CBD, CBDa interacts with the COX-2 enzymes akin to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, offering a different pathway to wellness.

Exploring the Benefits of CBDa

CBDa is perceived to be more readily absorbed when ingested, showcasing stronger potency against pain, nausea, and anxiety. It is believed to work wonders in alleviating inflammation, enhancing mood, supporting gut health, expediting tissue recovery, and bolstering cognition.

CBDa for THC Consumers

For those actively partaking in THC, a CBDa enriched product might resonate better. Unlike CBD, CBDa doesn’t mitigate the psychoactive effects of THC, offering a different experience altogether.

Try Our Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa Today!

Intrigued by the potential of CBDa paired with CBD? Venture into our Lexington or Midway outlets, or explore our online store to procure our latest Genesis Blend CBD + CBDa Hemp Extract. Dive into a realm of enhanced wellness and discover the synergy of CBD and CBDa!

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