Bergamot and Lime CBD Roller 150mg CBD


Introducing Batch CBD Roller with Bergamot & Lime: A 10ml topical elixir combining 150mg Full Spectrum CBD with the uplifting aromas of bergamot and lime. Conveniently roll on for a burst of revitalizing wellness.

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Batch CBD Roller - Bergamot & Lime 10ml | 150mg Full Spectrum

Step into a world of aromatic bliss and therapeutic benefits with the Batch CBD Roller, thoughtfully infused with bergamot and lime. Designed for those seeking a seamless blend of nature's finest:

  • Direct & Easy Application: The roller design simplifies topical CBD application. Glide it across desired areas and feel the harmonizing touch of CBD paired with exquisite botanicals.
  • Full Spectrum Assurance: With 150mg of Full Spectrum CBD extract, this roller embodies a holistic spectrum of hemp plant compounds, promising a comprehensive CBD experience.
  • Bergamot Benefits: Bergamot, known for its calming properties, aids in reducing tension and stress. Its citrusy scent not only uplifts the spirit but also promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation.
  • Lime’s Lively Touch: Lime’s vibrant aroma invigorates the senses, providing a natural boost to mood and energy. Its cleansing properties can also help refresh the skin, leaving a rejuvenated feel.
  • Compact & Always Ready: Housed in a 10ml bottle, the CBD roller is your go-to companion, whether you’re at home, at work, or on an adventure. Keep wellness within arm's reach.

Elevate your daily rituals with the Batch CBD Roller. Immerse in the harmonious dance of Bergamot, Lime, and Full Spectrum CBD. Embrace nature's finest and feel the difference.


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