As arthritis pain, fractured kneecap injuries, anxiety and sleep issues seem increasingly common, consumers are turning to natural wellness solutions like CBD more than ever. But with an explosion of CBD companies and products to wade through, how can you ensure you’re buying safe, effective CBD gummies? Let’s comprehensively evaluate one popular premium CBD gummy brand to demystify what makes a smart CBD purchase.

Background on Smart CBD Gummies and Their Company

The aptly named brand Smart CBD offers a science-based line of cannabinoid wellness products with their 25mg CBD Vegan Gummies as their star product. Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Jordan Green after his own battle with anxiety, Smart CBD promises pharmaceutical-grade quality combined with the convenience of online retail shopping and subscriptions.

Smart CBD sets themselves apart via:

  • Funding scientific research on lesser known cannabinoids at top universities to advance the industry’s understanding of plant-based wellness and hemp applications
  • Rigorous dual in-house and independent third-party testing with lab reports easily accessible for every product batch
  • Using organically-sourced US hemp processed into premium broad-spectrum formulas maximizing the entourage effect

They offer various lines beyond their flagship gummy line such as capsules, oils, topicals and pet treats. But their gummies seem especially popular with over 2000 positive online reviews. Let’s analyze Smart CBD gummies and why they’re dubbed “America’s Favorite” in more detail.

Overview of CBD and How It May Benefit Your Health

While most have heard of CBD’s meteoric rise due to its association with cannabis, CBD actually comes specifically from legal hemp plants, not marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD will not cause any intoxicating mental effects but may provide physical and mental health upsides:

Possible Physical Effects:

  • Chronic lower back, knee or neck pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation and faster recovery from injuries or workouts
  • Mitigating side effects of autoimmune conditions

Possible Mental Health Effects:

  • Lessened anxiety and depression
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased ability to focus and mental clarity
  • Slowed neurodegeneration

These wide-ranging benefits stem from how CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which regulates crucial functions like immune responses, sleep, memory, mood, pain perception and more. The ECS achieves homeostasis through signaling molecules called cannabinoids of which scientists have identified over 100 to date. As legal hemp plants also contain an abundance of beneficial cannabinoids, CBD has become a popular natural supplement for optimizing ECS functioning.

Overview of Gummies vs Other CBD Consumption Methods

CBD is available today in a wide variety of product types, so why choose gummies specifically? Gummies offer consistent pre-measured doses and a tasty edible experience preferred by many over plain CBD oils. They’re discrete, portable and easy to take anywhere. The candy format also makes CBD more approachable and fun!

Smart CBD Gummies in particular use pectin instead of gelatin, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. Pectin creates a more jelly-like fruit snack texture without the sticky mouthfeel associated with some lower quality gummies. Their sweet-tart flavor also masks any “earthy” hemp notes.

Overall the growing popularity of CBD gummies makes sense with their convenience factor and appealing flavors. But how can you be sure you’re getting a pure, safe and honestly labeled CBD product unlike some sketchy gummies tested to contain no CBD at all? Let’s see how transparent Smart CBD is.

Overview of Third Party Lab Testing Results

Any reputable CBD company should provide easily accessible Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for every product batch detailing purity and potency lab results. Smart CBD has an entire section dedicated to their lab reports with testing conducted by Green Scientific Labs.

On Smart CBD’s COA example for their Mixed Berry gummies, results show:

  • 25 milligrams of CBD clearly matches the package label
  • 0.0% THC verified as non-detectable and within legal hemp limits
  • No pesticides, heavy metals or contaminant traces

Meeting label claims for CBD levels with no dangerous chemicals or THC indicates Smart CBD delivers consistently safe, quality ingredients batch after batch. But how does their testing standard compare against competitors?

Comparison of Safety & Testing Protocols

Smart CBD adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standards with thorough in-house and independent lab testing for all products. Their facilities hold certification by the FDA-registered National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). Extensive lab testing combined with food-grade manufacturing standards provides assurance Smart CBD products have higher purity and quality versus unregulated CBD brands.

Smart CBD takes further steps to build consumer trust around safety and compliance by:

  • Providing easily digestible cannabinoid glossaries and FAQs for CBD beginners while validating clinical research findings
  • Detailing Oregon-sourced hemp farming partnerships focused on sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices devoid of GMOs, chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Maintaining reasonable and transparent pricing compared to over-valued CBD sellers since their scaled growth allows passing bulk discounts directly to consumers

These commitments inspire confidence that the brand walks the walk when it comes to responsible business practices around organic quality and clean supplements.

While boring on the surface, stringent safety testing and quality manufacturing separates premium CBD companies from reckless players tarnishing the industry. So how does that translate to the actual gummy experience and effects for consumers?

Overview of Available Flavors and Customer Reviews

Thanks to their use of organic fruit juices and natural flavorings, Smart CBD gummies receive overwhelmingly positive feedback for their taste and texture. Their Mixed Berry flavor strikes a sweet-tart balance akin to Sour Patch candies. Side effects like harsh aftertaste, grainy mouthfeel or unpleasant hemp flavor are rare according to reviews.

In terms of benefits, verified buyer reviews glowing praise Smart CBD gummies top benefits as:

  • Long-lasting pain relief suitable for arthritis or injury after-effects
  • Anxiety and stress lowering without drowsiness
  • Improved sleep quality and duration
  • Increased mental focus and creativity

With nearly 2000 customer reviews averaging a 5-star rating, Smart CBD gummies appear widely beloved for both their deliciousness and functional effects. But how do their reviews stack up against professional expert analysis?

Overview of Awards and Expert Recommendations

Beyond customer feedback, Smart CBD gummies stand out as an expert favorite among industry connoisseurs like popular CBD review site Sunday Scaries who rated Smart CBD gummies:

  • Top Choice for High Quality & Pure Taste

And according to premium CBD comparison site CBD Nerds:

  • #1 CBD Gummies for Anxiety Relief

These expert endorsements plus A+ ratings from over half a dozen other independent review sites further validate the standout quality and therapeutic effectiveness of Smart CBD’s gummy line.

As the awards rack up, even mainstream business founders like Mark Cuban are getting in on the action, investing in Smart CBD’s 2021 seed round to fuel their nationwide growth. Sounds like the experts agree you can’t go wrong with these brainy broad-spectrum CBD gummies!

Pricing and Discount Options Overview

Lastly, let’s overview Smart CBD gummies pricing and promotions. Their starting price of $59.95 per jar equates to just $2.40 per potent 25mg CBD gummy – very affordable especially compared to competing premium CBD gummies averaging $40-$50 per bottle.

Despite inflation and supply chain pressures, Smart CBD uphold reasonable base prices thanks to their vertically integrated supply chain direct from farm to manufacturing. Their discounts and promotions then offer even more savings:

Current Deals Include:

  • 25% off for subscription plans with the ability to pause, skip or cancel anytime
  • Reward points on all purchases leading to future dollars off
  • Free priority shipping on orders $75+

Recurring promotions like 30% off site-wide sales combined with scaling production numbers enables Smart CBD to offer value-focused pricing acceptable to most shoppers.

Conclusion: Are Smart CBD Gummies Worth Buying?

To recap, here’s why approximately 2000 customers and experts give Smart CBD gummies an enthusiastic thumbs up:

Proprietary Broad-Spectrum Formula

Harnessing hemp’s full potential, their evidence-based cannabinoid ratio optimizes the entourage effect for whole-body benefits.

Triple Lab Tested Purity

Pharmaceutical standards ensure 0.0% THC and verification of CBD levels while testing for 200+ contaminants.

Values-Driven Sourcing

US grown hemp protecting biodiversity through regenerative practices keeps money in local economies.

Delicious Fruit Flavors

By using real fruit juices instead of synthetic flavoring, their award-winning gummies leave no bitter aftertaste.

Accessible Pricing

A dedication to maintaining fair CBD pricing despite rising production costs makes Smart CBD gummy benefits achievable for most.